From the daily archives: Sunday, July 8, 2012

If you read the Twitter feed for State Rep. Danny Bubp (aka @Colonel_Bubp) you will quickly learn a few things about him, and you will likely walk away with even more questions…

Bubp, a 57 year old former Marine Colonel, punctuates his tweets like a 14 year old girl. OMG! HE LOVES!!! exclamation! points! A quick calculation shows he uses, on average, 2.2 exclamation points per tweet!!!

Bubp is not a big fan of the “gay activists”, tweeting regularly about “traditional marriage”, how “the Bible says marriage is betw man/woman!”, praising homophobic bigots like […]

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We know some in the GOP are repressed about sex and sexuality. Why else would they include abstinence-only sex ed funds in Ohio’s budget even though it has been shown to be totally ineffective?

But now the Kasich administration is taking it a step further than even Ohio’s Legislature had intended.

Kasich’s transportation department has recently touted its plans to raise a few extra bucks for road construction by selling advertising rights in the state’s rest areas. The guidelines for potential bidders┬ácontain a rather curious provision:

Contractor shall not advertise contraceptive products […]

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