At 2009’s CPAC conference a 13 year old kid named Jonathan Krohn stole the show, winning the praises of conservative thought leaders like Ohio’s own “Joe the Plumber.

At the time we may have mocked the young Krohn a little for his fanatical dedication to the conservative movement and his ability to spout their talking points with such ease.

At the time we may have made a few jokes about how “sharp” Joe the Plumber (aka Samuel Wurzelbacher) seemed to think this kid was.

But oh what a difference 3 years makes.

Jump ahead to 2012 and Joe the Plumber is now running for Congress (seriously!) on a platform that appears to be focused on claims that gun control caused the holocaust and other such nonsense.

Krohn, unlike Wurzelbacher, seems to have grown up a little.

Back in 2009, the young Krohn proudly declared he would “love” to see Mitt Romney run for President.

But Politico reported today that the 17 year old Krohn now admits he was a pretty “naive” 13 year old. Krohn not only has matured to support same sex marriage and “Obamacare”, he now says he supports President Obama over Mitt Romney in November’s election.

“A lot of what I said was ideological blather that really wasn’t meaningful”, claims Krohn.

We wholeheartedly agree.

Hopefully more young conservatives take Jonathan’s lead, and realize that “the issues are so complex, you can’t just go with some ideological mantra for each substantive issue.”

Unfortunately for Mr. The Plumber, that ship has already sailed.

  • dmoore2222

    This young man is part of an age group, if not an entire generation, that has been victimized by the greed and selfishness of a segment of our society that grew up with no hardship and is totally blind to the struggles that most of us face. They have no reference point other than wealth and power, and no compassion for those who aren’t part of their ideological club. Many older political figures came from impoverished backgrounds and never forgot what it was like to be hungry or needy in some way. They were the “little guy’s” advocates. Not so today.
    It will be up to him and his generation to correct the socioeconomic problems created by a political class that has done the bidding of the rich for nearly forty years. Current politicians are so vested in this rigged political and economic system that they are incapable of doing the job.
    Every aspect of American life-employment, education, health care, human rights, the environment- has been affected by this system where the wealthy can simply buy the legislation and policy they desire aided by the Citizens United decision. It has left young people with very dim long-term employment prospects, many of whom are drowning in college loan debt.
    How ironic that someone like “Joe the Plumber”, the quintessential workin stiff, would buy into a system that is designed to dispose of him.

  • I watched the video and I never heard Joe the Plumber say “Gun Control caused the Holocaust. ”

    But it is a fact that in the course of history there has never been a genocide against a well armed population. Never.

    And I think that it’s a reasonable assumption to believe that had Jewry been well armed in during WWII and the decade leading up to the war that there would have been fewer Jews murdered at the hand of the Nazi’s. If you go to Israel today, everyone is armed. And the murder rate amongst citizens is very low.

    Lets bring it home. It is a verifiable fact that in US cities where the citizens are disarmed by their city governments. The violent gun crime rate is exponentially higher than areas that permit open and concealed carry.

    Recently I watched the documentary called “The Interrupters.” It was about gun violence in Chicago. A predominately Democrat controlled city with very strict gun control laws. Up until very recently citizens were not even permitted to have a pistol in their homes. There have been many months in Chicago where more Americans were murdered in Chicago than in all of Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

    I know there are some people out there that think it’s more noble for a woman to strangled with her pantyhose, brutally raped and murdered than for that same woman to shoot her assailant and escape with her life. I respectfully disagree with those people who believe that and other dumb gun control ideas.

  • Natasha

    Your “reasonable assumption” is right wing blather and NONSENSE. During the late 1930’s nothing much, including all of the standing armies in Europe, stopped or even slowed down Nazi Blitkriegs. The Nazis were defeated only bay a massive effort and the D-Day invasion by the “free world” allied forces after years of strategic bombing by allied air forces.

    To opine that armed Jewish citizens could have defeated the Nazi’s and avoided the death camps is a ridiculous notion and an insult to the millions who died there and the millions who died as a result of fighting the Nazis in WWII.

    With regard to civil insurrection and gun violence it’s a fact of life in the USA check the stats for nations with strict gun laws like Singapore, Japan, England for other statistics contrary to your opinions

    Here in Ohio, having a firearm and a concealed carry permit did not protect Mrs. Melissa Jordan, wife of State Senator Kris Jordan (R-Delaware County) from experiencing spousal abuse at the hands of her drunken, gun-toting state senator husband Kris Jordan last July.

    Violent crimes of all types occur in large concentrations of the population, that’s the fact, and cities simply have more people in them.

    There have been numerous instances of well-armed populations succumbing to defeat at the hands of other well armed invaders. The Romans like the Germans did pretty well. The Mongol Hordes and the other barbarians cleaned up on the Romans and European powers. So did the Muslims in Europe. The Japanese pretty much scrubbed Manchuria and Southeast Asia – don’t forget the Philippines. The Southeast Asian “Killing Fields” are recent examples as are the Kosovo Serbian-Christian-Muslim affairs of the 80’s in the Balkans Ethnic cleansing is a function of the will, knowledge and ability to use weapons not the mere possession of a popgun in the face of well-armed forces resolved to destroy.

    Recall the 60’s when there was rioting and all that in Detroit and Washington. It pretty much went quiet when the 82d Airborne and a few battalions of Viet Nam experienced paratroopers showed up. The gun-gangsters gave it up.

  • APG

    Logical fallacy. Cities like Chicago have strict gun control laws because of high gun violence levels, not the other way around.
    I’m not a fan of gun control, personally, but I know a faulty argument against it when I see one.

  • JLM452

    Surprised the Right Wing hasn’t started selling tee-shirts with the young man’s image and the word “Traitor” below it as they have with John Roberts.

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