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Let’s review.  There were several major campaign themes the Romney campaign was relying on using as a resume to put in front of the American people in his bid to become President of the United States.  The first was his business experience.  Romney was supposed to understand the economy and how to get out of the worst recession since the Great Depression.  The second was his experience as Governor of Massachusetts.  Another seemingly well-timed resume item given the London Olympics was his stint as President & CEO of the Organizing Committee for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.


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Sunday marked the 100th day before the general election.  This means Ohioans have to brace themselves for another 100 days of misleading attack ads, robocalls, and mailings – all of which will be on steroids this year thanks to Citizens United.      I hope the Supreme Court is paying attention.  I have to believe at least a few of the justices will realize their decision should be overturned on equal protection and 8th Amendment grounds as they watch Ohioans being subjected to a cruel and unusual punishment for no other crime than living in a swing state.

But it’s not just […]

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On June 8th, Mayor Coleman, Columbus City Council President Andrew Ginther, and Councilman Zach Klein (pictured above) proposed creating a domestic partner registry for the city of Columbus. At the time, the language of the legislation was still being worked out. They hoped to be able to introduce it to the full council by the end of July. Last night they achieved their goal. The vote in support of the legislation was unanimous.

Kim Welter, the Interim Executive Director for Equality Ohio was there to testify on behalf of the proposal last night. Paul Feeney, Board Chair […]

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Tomorrow is Equality Chicken Day! Or #MarriageEqualityDay as the kids are calling it on Twitter. The ongoing boycott of the fast food chain has produced some interesting developments. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee called for a National Chik-Fil-A appreciation day tomorrow, encouraging supporters to give money to the company so they can continue to use that money to work against equality. In response, on August 1st, equality loving people everywhere will donate the cost of a Chik-Fil-A Combo (approx. $6.50) to their favorite gay rights & equality charities and organizations.

If you live in Ohio, I strongly […]

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If you read a story about the school attendance controversy somewhere other than Plunderbund you will regularly see reporters’ use of negative language: cheating, rigging, fraud, false, unethical, harmful, etc.

We’re calling bullshit.

Sadly, this reporting has not been limited to the state’s print media, but has even carried over to StateImpact Ohio, an affiliate of NPR.  We would expect at least one education reporter to display a touch of initiative and curiosity to investigate the plausibility of this story to uncover the simple facts as we continually report them.  At this point, Ohio Auditor Dave Yost […]

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Thank you, Governor Ted Strickland!

Not only do I miss having him as our Governor, I was sad that Governor Ted Strickland couldn’t be at this year’s Ohio Democratic Party State Convention and Dinner. However, I am overjoyed by what kept him away. He’s the Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee. He couldn’t be at the convention because he was hard at work up in Minneapolis, working on the party platform. What’s so exciting about that? Well for the first time in history, the Democratic Party has included marriage equality in its platform. The 15-member panel unanimously […]

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Anyone want to take a guess which “major new program” Kasich announced at the Ohio State fair this week?

Could it be he finally figured out a way to eliminate Ohio’s income tax, as he promised during the campaign?

Oooh! Maybe he FINALLY announced a school funding plan? Or a way to expand Medicaid to cover uninsured Ohioans? Or a way to sell Ohioans on his severance tax plan?

If you guessed any of the above you’d be wrong. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

Instead, the “major program” Kasich announced at the fair grounds, according to […]

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We noticed something curious on the Ohio Democratic Party dinner program Saturday night.  Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald was listed as a sponsor of the event, the only elected official listed at the event.

And to add to the subtlty of a County Executive’s sudden interest in making an impression on Democratic activists at the State Convention and Dinner, FitzGerald had folks handing out flier inviting attendees to an after-dinner event for him nearby.  We literally could not walk out of the convention hall without more than one person offering it to us.

Ted Strickland was unable to attend due […]

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Today officially marks 100 days until the election on November 6th.  We are in crunch time.  The most impact to be made by calling, canvassing, and other volunteer activities is going to happen between now and election day.  The Obama campaign is marking this milestone of the campaign with over 4,200 different events this weekend.  You can donate to help the campaign and can also see what a “campaign of one” can do (that would be you).

The campaign also put together a nice video that envisions the last 100 days of the campaign through the eyes […]

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While a team of legislators led by Republican Ron Amstutz have schedule hearings across the state about school funding, the Kasich administration has his own team meeting in secret to craft his school funding plan.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer shared a key insight into what we can expect from Kasich’s plan: consolidation.

No big surprise, but not exactly what we would call a “funding” solution, but instead more state regulation over school operations. Kasich has long preached about his desire to have local governments consolidate their services in order to fix his budget, and forcing schools to do […]

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Gov. Kasich praised Cleveland as a “really cool” city.  That’s what he told the Plain Dealer, which was pleased to report it to its readers.

Cool.  The paper headlined that the governor has a “love affair” with the city, determined by the 77 days he has spent there since January 2011.

That,of course, set off extended speculation about this motives.  Is he just trying to be a nice guy in the town where he was  endorsed for governor by the friendly PD  in 2010?  Did he want to show he was far more committed to its welfare than his […]

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