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An important effort is wrapping up in the next week to collect signatures to amend Ohio’s Constitution.  This endeavor is a nonpartisan undertaking intended to result in a fair process for drawing legislative boundaries (i.e., voting districts), replacing the highly-partisan process in effect currently.

At the present time, Congressional districts drawn through statute approved by majority in both houses and signed by Governor, and state legislative districts drawn by the Apportionment Board:

Governor – John Kasich (R) Secretary of State – Jon Husted (R) Auditor – Dave Yost (R) Two state legislators – currently Senate President Niehaus (R), and Representative […]

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Records obtained by Plunderbund reveal that a branch of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce received a huge grant from Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst just as they started ramping up lobbying efforts to promote anti-teacher legislation in Ohio.

According to the Form 990 filed by StudentsFirst, a $100,000 grant was given to the Partnership for Ohio’s Future, a 501(c)(4) formed and operated by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  The group’s website lists an email address at the Chamber for contact information, and the Partnership’s mailing address is the same as the Chamber’s.



You may remember that […]

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Today, the Toledo Blade is reporting that Governor Kasich’s office is involved in ongoing communications with the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott about how to coordinate their responses to the Supreme Court’s healthcare decision in a way designed to attack the President.

In his email to Mr. Nichols (Kasich’s Press Secretary), Mr. Wright (Scott’s Press Secretary) said that if the court overturns the health care law, Governor Scott will focus on the cost of the health care law and a lost opportunity to recover from the recession.

And, lo and behold, as if […]

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As you may have heard, Jim Renacci received $100K in tainted donations from the employees of Benjamin Suarez. The donations are being investigated by the FBI and other candidates have given back the money. Renacci still refuses to do the right thing.

Instead, he’s decided to rationalize his decision to keep the money by attempting to turn attention to his opponent, Betty Sutton. At a recent town hall meeting in Rocky River, Renacci said Sutton “had contributions investigated by the federal government” back in 2008. Politifact looked into this statement and rated it False.

According to Politifact, […]

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The Supreme Court will issue its opinion in the Health Care Law on Thursday.

Many progressives seem to assume that things will not go well based on the arguments.  After the arguments, we printed an email from a member of the Supreme Court Bar who cautioned not to read too much into oral argument.

Today, the Supreme Court decided the Arizona immigration case.  The news coverage of the oral argument suggested that the Administration’s position was in big trouble.  A summary in Slate suggested that “most court watchers were in agreement that the White House most likely won’t […]

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Before central Ohio news outlets took a week off to focus on StanleyJacksonGate, the Columbus Dispatch was slinging accusations at the schools for allegedly falsifying attendance records.  And according to the Dispatch, the Ohio Department of Education was spurred to take action as a result of the riveting write-up by the newspaper – “the Ohio Department of Education said that because of concerns raised yesterday in a story in The Dispatch and after a request for help from the district, it plans to review the accuracy of Columbus’ attendance figures.”

We were less impressed, and in our post last Monday […]

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Better late than never, here are a few stories from the past couple days you may have missed…

In spirit of bipartisanship, Kasich administration fires Democrats
No explanation was given for the firing of two Democrats from the State Parole Board. Maybe a former OSU quarterback needed a job?

National media notice Governor’s recent change in tone
Talking Points Memo and Bloomberg both covered the ongoing tension between Ohio’s Governor wanting to talk about economic gains in the state and the Romney campaign who’d rather he didn’t.

Kasich got the Romney talking points
Kasich’s recent turn […]

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In an exclusive and brief radio interview (click here to listen via 610WTVN) this morning, the Governor’s controversial appointee to the State Board of Education, former OSU QB Stanley Jackson, asserted that the charter school he is planning will open to students in the fall of 2013.  That affirmation puts everyone involved, especially the Kasich administration, in a bit of a predicament.

Here are the latest details that you can only find here on Plunderbund:

The Masters Preparatory Academy was incorporated in Ohio as a non-profit on May 24, 2o11 The purpose of the business is listed as “Nonprofit charter […]

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In his State of the State speech Governor John Kasich talked for nearly-one and a half hours about how awesome Ohio was doing under his guidance. But as the presidential race heats up, and Romney tries put a negative spin on the nation’s economy, Kasich’s message has started to change.

Back in February, Kasich spent 422 words of his State of the State specifically talking about Ohio’s auto industry, starting off with “Ohio does have a base industry in auto. No question about it” and continuing on to praise GM (“Chevy Cruze, baby!”), Chrysler, Ford and Honda for the […]

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Recently, Republican Governors have been scrutinized on how closely they are sticking to Romney’s economic talking points. After John Kasich made one notable misstep, he seems to be getting onto the same set of talking points as Romney lately.

One item where the Governor’s views appear to be in lockstep with Romney’s is the subject of outsourcing.

Romney talks a good game on the campaign trail:

“They’ve been able to put American businesses out of business and kill American jobs,” he told workers at a Toledo fence factory in February. “If I’m president of the United States, that’s […]

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After we first reported extensive details about the appointment of former Ohio State quarterback Stanley Jackson to a vacant seat on Ohio’s State Board of Education, many news outlets have used our information as the source for their own stories (uncredited, as usual).  But in a strange round of I-can-dig-up-more-dirt-than-you, Jackson has become the target of unfair attacks on his own character by mainstream media outlets.

And when we’re calling out unfair attacks on a Kasich appointee, it’s newsworthy.  While we are NOT fans of this appointment that appears to have no merit, it […]

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