It’s not been a good 24 hours for John Kasich’s rebranding effort. Yesterday saw the release of a new PPP poll showing the Governor had the approval of only 61 percent of Ohio Republicans. Today, a new Quinnipiac poll is out, and the news continues to be bad.

Overall, more Ohioans disapprove of Kasich than approve of him as Governor, by 44-40 percent. His approval is trending back down after reaching its peak of 42 percent in March.

And, as the poll yesterday showed, Kasich has a base problem. Only 66 percent of Ohio Republicans, 51 percent of men and 45 percent of whites approve of his job as Governor. In fact, Kasich only captures the approval of the majority of four of the poll’s 21 demographic subgroups — Republicans, Catholics, Men and Born-Again Evangelicals.

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  • carrieee4

    Goes to show most of us are not stupid. Are we?

  • MC Tarter Sauce and his 3rd Bass Pals had lots to say about PPP, but so far pretty silent on Quinny out today. Wonder why?

    Obama +9 Brown +16

    OH! Guess it does make sense to ignore this.

    “The president’s lead is largely due to his lead among independent voters, the group that
    usually decides Ohio elections”

    …this comes after lots of burning cash

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