Two polls in the Sherrod Brown/Josh Mandel sentate race came out today, and both provide very poor news for Josh Mandel’s campaign.

Quinnipiac shows Sherrod Brown leading Mandel by 16 points (50/34), with solid leads across all the major demographics. Brown has a 16 point lead with Independents, 19 with women and 12 points with men.  

The only demographic in which Mandel maintains a small lead is religious folks.  He’s has a 1 point lead with Catholics, 3 points with Protestants and 16 with people who self-identify as Born Again/Evangelical.

Overall, Brown is up 4 points from same poll conducted in May. And Mandel is down 6 points. This went from a 6 point race to a 16 point race in a little over a month. This is very good news for the Brown campaign.

PPP also has a poll out today showing Brown with a 7 point lead over Mandel (46-39). Brown’s lead dropped 1 point since the last poll but he still wins independents by 9 points (43-34), voters over 65 by 9 points, and he maintains a 21 point lead with the 18 to 29 crowd. Mandel holds on to a small lead with 30 to 45 year old voters.

But the really bad news for Mandel is in his own numbers. Josh’s name recognition went up 8 points since the last poll while his unfavorability rating went up 9 points. It seems the more people hear about Josh Mandel, the less they seem to like him.