Kasich’s anti-crime agenda has had some success.  Hooray???

Back in February we noted that the center of Kasich’s anti-crime agenda was signs urging people to call #677 in order to nark on their neighbors report suspicions of drug activity.

In April we suggested that the whole sign-thing was a big, expensive, waste of time.  We said this because we believed that “if the signs had worked,” the Kasich administration would be bragging about it.  The lack of any press releases touting the “success” of the signs was, in our view, evidence of failure.

This morning, the Kasich Paper of Record reported  that the Highway Patrol and the Springfield Police had made the “first bust stemming from Ohio’s new #677 tip line posted on highways statewide . . .”  The news article tried to give credit to Kasich, noting that the suspect was “stopped based on an anonymous tip phoned to the new phone line that Gov. John Kasich ordered posted on highways around the state.”

Credit should go where the real credit is due:  the officers from the Springfield Police and the Highway Patrol Troopers who made the stop deserve our thanks and kudos for helping to take millions of dollars of drugs off our streets – drug arrests are dangerous business; they are the real heroes.

Who shouldn’t get credit:  Kasich.  This means that in the five months that the signs have been up, they have led to one – one! – arrest.  As Lionel Hutz famously said, “This is the greatest case of false advertising I’ve seen since I sued the movie ‘The Never Ending Story.’”

At this rate, by the time he (hopefully) leaves office in January 2015, Kasich’s anti-drug policy may take five or six more drug dealers off the street.  The drug war is over – we won!

Oh wait . . . many more drug dealers will remain on the street because of Kasich’s refusal to restore funding that local governments need for law enforcement and public safety – cuts that have led to cuts in public safety services.  About winning the drug war?  Never mind.

We said it before and we can’t say it enough  — You know what stops drug traffickers?  Cops on the street.  The Republican plan to stop drug trafficking is nothing but grandstanding.