A new poll from Public Policy Polling was released today, and it shows the Presidential race in Ohio is tightening.

President Obama now leads  among Ohio voters by 3 points, defeating Mitt Romney 47-44. Obama’s approval numbers have dropped, but he’s not nearly as unpopular as his opponent. Obama’s negatives exceed his positives by 7 points. But a full 20 percent more Ohioans view Romney unfavorably than those who view him favorably, 54-34.

Women continue to be a key voting bloc, split on approval/disapproval of the President (47-47), but not rushing to Romney. 57 percent of Ohio women view Romney unfavorable, compared to 31 percent who view him favorably. Ohio women prefer the President to Romney by 11 percent (make that 13 if Kasich is on the ticket).

Romney also has a base problem. Only 66 percent of Ohio Republicans approve of their nominee. Compare this to Obama’s 79 percent approval among his party.

When voters were asked about possible picks for VP, two prominent Ohioans named turned voters off of Mitt Romney. Paired with Senator Portman on the ticket, Romney loses to Obama by 4. With Governor Kasich, he goes down by 6.

Which is hardly suprising given the poll’s other finding that Governor Kasich is still highly unpopular among Ohioans. 48 percent of Ohioans dispprove of him as Governor, compared to 40 that approve. Only 61% of Republicans approve of Kasich, and over a quarter of Ohio Republicans–27%–disapprove of Kasich. Among independents, the Governor’s approval rating is a dismal 36%.

Look for numbers in Ohio’s Senate race tomorrow.

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