From the daily archives: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A new poll from Public Policy Polling was released today, and it shows the Presidential race in Ohio is tightening.

President Obama now leads  among Ohio voters by 3 points, defeating Mitt Romney 47-44. Obama’s approval numbers have dropped, but he’s not nearly as unpopular as his opponent. Obama’s negatives exceed his positives by 7 points. But a full 20 percent more Ohioans view Romney unfavorably than those who view him favorably, 54-34.

Women continue to be a key voting bloc, split on approval/disapproval of the President (47-47), but not rushing to Romney. 57 percent […]

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During the 2004 presidential elections, Ken Blackwell became infamous for his role in helping to reelect Bush. Blackwell served as both Secretary of State and as co-chair of the “Committee to re-elect George W. Bush” and no fewer than sixteen lawsuits were filed against Blackwell for his involvement in disenfranchising Ohio voters that year.

Jump ahead to 2012 and Governor Scott in Florida is currently pulling a Blackwell: attempting to purge potential voters – most of whom would likely vote for Democrats – from the voter roles, preventing them from voting in the presidential election this fall.

According […]

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An important effort is wrapping up in the next week to collect signatures to amend Ohio’s Constitution.  This endeavor is a nonpartisan undertaking intended to result in a fair process for drawing legislative boundaries (i.e., voting districts), replacing the highly-partisan process in effect currently.

At the present time, Congressional districts drawn through statute approved by majority in both houses and signed by Governor, and state legislative districts drawn by the Apportionment Board:

Governor – John Kasich (R) Secretary of State – Jon Husted (R) Auditor – Dave Yost (R) Two state legislators – currently Senate President Niehaus (R), and Representative […]

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Records obtained by Plunderbund reveal that a branch of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce received a huge grant from Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst just as they started ramping up lobbying efforts to promote anti-teacher legislation in Ohio.

According to the Form 990 filed by StudentsFirst, a $100,000 grant was given to the Partnership for Ohio’s Future, a 501(c)(4) formed and operated by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  The group’s website lists an email address at the Chamber for contact information, and the Partnership’s mailing address is the same as the Chamber’s.



You may remember that […]

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