As you may have heard, Jim Renacci received $100K in tainted donations from the employees of Benjamin Suarez. The donations are being investigated by the FBI and other candidates have given back the money. Renacci still refuses to do the right thing.

Instead, he’s decided to rationalize his decision to keep the money by attempting to turn attention to his opponent, Betty Sutton. At a recent town hall meeting in Rocky River, Renacci said Sutton “had contributions investigated by the federal government” back in 2008. Politifact looked into this statement and rated it False.

According to Politifact, “the Renacci camp acknowledged he provided incorrect information to the crowd in Rocky River” – which is great if you’re a Politifact reader. Not so great if you just happened to hear the false statements from Renacci at this town hall meeting and now take them as the truth.

Renacci’s people screwed up big time when they took this money. And they know it. And while it’s great they admit Jim gave false statements at a town hall event, if they really wanted to “acknowledge” something that could change people’s impressions of their candidate, maybe they should start by acknowledging the fact that these donations – nearly 13% of the total contributions from individuals so far this cycle (according to open secrets) – were made illegally and should probably be returned. That would change a hell of a lot more minds than trying to change the subject with False accusations.