Today, the Toledo Blade is reporting that Governor Kasich’s office is involved in ongoing communications with the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott about how to coordinate their responses to the Supreme Court’s healthcare decision in a way designed to attack the President.

In his email to Mr. Nichols (Kasich’s Press Secretary), Mr. Wright (Scott’s Press Secretary) said that if the court overturns the health care law, Governor Scott will focus on the cost of the health care law and a lost opportunity to recover from the recession.

And, lo and behold, as if right on queue, last night Governor Kasich’s office put out a chart focusing on the cost of the health care law:

This is the 2nd time in a week that Kasich has been shown to be hewing to a message that the Romney campaign, or fellow Romney surrogates were asking him to use.

Last week, Romney’s campaign asked Governor Scott to start saying that Florida’s economic recovery would be better if not for uncertainty from Washington, which is exactly the line Kasich’s started using.

Is the Romney campaign feeding both Governors their talking points? We know they’ve reached out to Scott and there are clear indications Kasich is following along.

Kasich even admits he’s spoken directly to Romney, though he suggests the “uncertainty from Washington” talking point was his suggestion. And we even have this candid admission from Kasich’s press secretary:

Nichols said Romney’s campaign communicates with Kasich’s office “routinely” but said he couldn’t give many details.

Both Kasich and Scott are battling to shake the dubious distinction of being among the least popular Governors in America.

While it may not get them out of that doghouse, their efforts may at least get the men back into the Romney campaign’s good graces.

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