From the daily archives: Monday, June 25, 2012

Today, the Toledo Blade is reporting that Governor Kasich’s office is involved in ongoing communications with the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott about how to coordinate their responses to the Supreme Court’s healthcare decision in a way designed to attack the President.

In his email to Mr. Nichols (Kasich’s Press Secretary), Mr. Wright (Scott’s Press Secretary) said that if the court overturns the health care law, Governor Scott will focus on the cost of the health care law and a lost opportunity to recover from the recession.

And, lo and behold, as if […]

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As you may have heard, Jim Renacci received $100K in tainted donations from the employees of Benjamin Suarez. The donations are being investigated by the FBI and other candidates have given back the money. Renacci still refuses to do the right thing.

Instead, he’s decided to rationalize his decision to keep the money by attempting to turn attention to his opponent, Betty Sutton. At a recent town hall meeting in Rocky River, Renacci said Sutton “had contributions investigated by the federal government” back in 2008. Politifact looked into this statement and rated it False.

According to Politifact, […]

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The Supreme Court will issue its opinion in the Health Care Law on Thursday.

Many progressives seem to assume that things will not go well based on the arguments.  After the arguments, we printed an email from a member of the Supreme Court Bar who cautioned not to read too much into oral argument.

Today, the Supreme Court decided the Arizona immigration case.  The news coverage of the oral argument suggested that the Administration’s position was in big trouble.  A summary in Slate suggested that “most court watchers were in agreement that the White House most likely won’t […]

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