There were two important stories you may have missed today.

First, a Dispatch investigation reveals that state workers are engaging in an aggressive push to market state parks and forests for oil & gas drilling. Last year, a law was passed that opened up state-owned land for oil & gas drilling. But, rather than sit back, tending to our forests and parks, according to today’s Dispatch, 18 employees of ODNR are engaged in teams to scour county recorders offices to track down the original mineral rights on properties in prime parts of OHio’s utica shale.

Seems to us they could have waited for an oil company to ask about a specific parcel, then go look up the ownership, but they are dedicating serious man hours to doing this up front, presumably so they can turn around and marketing the land to the higher bidder.

Claims of bipartisanship. The other top stories today focused on the latest in the drive to re-brand Ohio’s Republicans as moderates. Today’s claim is that the Governor and Legislature have been bipartisanship in their approach to Governing (no, really!). Read our analysis here.

That’s it for today. Let us know what you’re reading.

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