John Kasich is actively trying to rebrand himself as a moderate.

In the wake the defeat of SB5 and continued bad polling (the latest poll shows 56 percent of Ohio voters disapprove of his job as Governor), he’s spent the majority of this year trying to convince folks that he’s not such a bad guy.

The latest version of this are his recent claims of bipartisanship. Kasich made a rare speech on the floor of the Ohio Senate yesterday, thanking legislators of both parties for voting for bills he had backed.

But that’s not bipartisanship.

Being bipartisan means being willing to sit down with members of the opposite party, share ideas and reach middle ground. To Kasich it means putting your position out there and hoping some Democrats want the same thing and end up voting for it. There are no meetings, no outreach, no collaboration.

There may be awkward hugs.

And now Senate Republicans are playing along:

And Kasich jumped in, as scripted:

Remember, these are the guys that brought you SB5, gerrymandered Congressional maps and a voter suppression bill they only rescinded in the face of a November ballot initiative. They are not bipartisan.

As a reminder, this is what they call bipartisanship:

Bipartisanship: invite those who disagree with you to fake meeting seven months after introducing legislation without their input.

Hell, Kasich doesn’t even reach out to his own party, forget the Democrats.

Which is why we were pleased that Senate Democrats called B.S. on this whole claim of “bipartisanship”. Here’s the rebuttal from Senate Democratic Leader Eric Kearney:

“Where was the Republicans’ so-called ‘bipartisanship’ when they passed Senate Bill 5 without a single Democratic vote?  Thankfully 62% of Ohioans rejected the GOP’s unwarranted attack on collective bargaining rights.

“To set the record straight, Senate Democrats have introduced 156 bills in this General Assembly, but only 14 percent have passed the Senate.  Half of the bills that did pass were jointly sponsored with Republican members and five bills dealt with one issue—pension reform.”

“Senate Democrats also offered more than 700 amendments to protect Ohio’s schools and communities from Governor Kasich’s devastating budget cuts. Not a single amendment was accepted by the Republican majority.  That is not bipartisanship by any definition.”

As much as the Governor’s going to want to continue this “I’m bipartisan” shtick, it’s going to be tough to juggle with his efforts to bash the President on a regular basis.

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