From the daily archives: Thursday, June 14, 2012

John Kasich is actively trying to rebrand himself as a moderate.

In the wake the defeat of SB5 and continued bad polling (the latest poll shows 56 percent of Ohio voters disapprove of his job as Governor), he’s spent the majority of this year trying to convince folks that he’s not such a bad guy.

The latest version of this are his recent claims of bipartisanship. Kasich made a rare speech on the floor of the Ohio Senate yesterday, thanking legislators of both parties for voting for bills he had […]

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There were two important stories you may have missed today.

First, a Dispatch investigation reveals that state workers are engaging in an aggressive push to market state parks and forests for oil & gas drilling. Last year, a law was passed that opened up state-owned land for oil & gas drilling. But, rather than sit back, tending to our forests and parks, according to today’s Dispatch, 18 employees of ODNR are engaged in teams to scour county recorders offices to track down the original mineral rights on properties in prime parts of OHio’s utica shale.

Seems to us they could have waited […]

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In an attempt to preview tomorrow’s dueling appearances by President Obama and one-term Governor Mitt Romney in Ohio, Talking Points Memo reports that top Romney adviser Russ Schriefer said:

“Anything that’s happened in Ohio, certainly [Republican Gov. John] Kasich has been helpful to encouraging business to Ohio,” he said. “And it just shows that whether it’s Ohio or New Jersey or Indiana, when you have Republican governors who encourage business, things are better.”

This is part of the tactic Governor Kasich has used to try to take the entire credit for the State’s economy.  He’s even attempted to downplay […]

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