Sorry for the late post, but these are only kinda should read stories anyway…

Kasich’s War on Science? State Geologist fired and explanation doesn’t hold up
Ohio’s state geologist, in charge of determining link between fracking waste disposal and earthquakes was fired by the Department of Natural Resources? Oh, and the administration’s explanation doesn’t hold up to scrutiny? You don’t say…

Ohio colleges among the most expensive
The headline reads “Suprise!” but given 13% budget cuts by the state, nobody should be surprised.

Health Insurers are giving GOP members of congress cover on healthcare law
It turns out, Obamacare is popular and aside from election year wishes to deliver the President a victory, republicans secretly hope its benefits don’t go away. How convenient, then, that health insurers are helping make their wishes come true.

The Truth about Kasich’s Energy Bill
The Plain Dealer did a better job of reading what’s actually in Kasich’s Energy bill than the many legislators who voted for it. Don’t believe the hype. We enlisted former state energy czar Mark Shanahan to pick apart the bill and the governor’s talking points in an exclusive guest post.

Columbus now talking about sending local money to charter schools
The Cleveland school reform plan diverts locally-raised tax levy dollars to the City’s charter school. Now, rumor has it, other superintendents are being pressured by business leaders to embrace similar arrangements. Columbus’s Gene Harris is the first,  previewing a plan that would grant $12 million in new levy dollars to high performing charters in the district. The story fails to mention the $98 million already siphoned from the district to charter schools each year.  This is a key point of the school funding debate that most people do not know. Public school districts are seeing their state funding diverted to private schools via vouchers and charters. For example, Boardman, the Vindicator reports today, loses $7,674 per student to charters, far exceeding the $1,137 it gets in state money.

Judge sides with Cleveland in its lawsuit against state
Cuyahoga County Judge Nancy Russo ruled that the Ohio General Assembly denied Cleveland’s home rule powers when it slipped a provision into the state budget prohibiting local governments from regulating food sold in restaurants within their borders.

Ohio House Passes Ban on Hidden Vehicle Compartments
In a puzzling move, the Ohio House passed legislation to ban hidden compartments in vehicles that is opposed by both advocates of concealed firearms as well as the FOP. The move is largely symbolic as the Senate has gone home for the summer and won’t be able to pass the bill into law. But by pissing off cops and gun-lovers alike, we’re not sure what constituency the bill is meant to excite.

Meanwhile, in another nod to gun lovers, Ohio’s rules on concealed carry are weakened under another House bill. Granting reciprocity may make it easier for Ohioans to transport their guns through other states, but it also means someone from Indiana, where no training is required for a concealed carry permit, can now bring their guns into Ohio bars. Yippee ki yay, Hoosiers.