From the daily archives: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today the Ohio House passed and the Senate agreed to SB314, legislation that further reduces oversight of the state’s jobs programs and hands more unfettered power to Kasich Jobs Czar, Mark Kvamme. (votes at end of post)

Kvamme, we should remind you, is a California venture capitalist who moved to Ohio to help Kasich set up JobsOhio, his privatized economic development agency. Kvamme always seemed troubled by government work, speaking out against public records requirements and imaginary rules—none actually exist—he said would prevent him from eating or traveling in style:

There are also restrictions about travel and expenses […]

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Sorry for the late post, but these are only kinda should read stories anyway…

Kasich’s War on Science? State Geologist fired and explanation doesn’t hold up
Ohio’s state geologist, in charge of determining link between fracking waste disposal and earthquakes was fired by the Department of Natural Resources? Oh, and the administration’s explanation doesn’t hold up to scrutiny? You don’t say…

Ohio colleges among the most expensive
The headline reads “Suprise!” but given 13% budget cuts by the state, nobody should be surprised.

Health Insurers are giving GOP members of congress cover on healthcare law
It […]

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by Mark Shanahan

Governor Kasich signed his energy policy into law this week and sang its praises in a Dispatch op-ed on Sunday.  Let’s set aside his obligatory election year swipe at the Obama administration and the not-invented-here claim that Ohio did not have a comprehensive energy strategy in place.  Instead, let’s examine what the new law – SB 315 – actually does or does not accomplish.

To start, give credit where credit is due:  Ted Strickland’s Jobs, Energy and Progress proposal, enacted as SB 221, set Ohio on the path to take advantage of its potential as […]

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