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Columbus Dispatch continues to give Kasich an assist in his attacks on Obama

Yesterday, Dispatch readers were greeted with a front-page story in which our Governor minimized jobs created in one of our most important industries in order to attack the President and loans that kept Detroit afloat. Kasich, you’ll recall, opposed government intervention in the carmakers’ future.

This morning, Kasich penned his own piece on the editorial page talking up his energy legislation, which he signs tomorrow. The bill allows oil and gas companies to drill without disclosing proprietary chemicals and undermine the state’s renewable energy portfolio, hurting Ohio’s fledging wind and solar industry in the process. Kasich touts his efforts to boost energy efficiency and the use of biofuels after he allowed a Strickland executive order to do the same to expire. He also neglects to mention that major components of the Obama stimulus package targeted energy efficiency and support for renewables.

Kasich’s “I’m a Moderate” road show continues

In case you missed it, yesterday we explained that Kasich is trying to rebrand himself as a moderate. In this episode, our Governor meets with a hand-picked group of black leaders in Cleveland to promote his agenda aimed at helping felons. Because, apparently, that’s what he thinks of when courting black voters.

State investing in venture capital funds, not Ohio jobs

This is amazing. The state of Ohio has given $84 million to venture capital firms in an attempt to spur investment in Ohio companies and in return we’ve gotten 766 jobs — an appalling expenditure of $109,000 per newly-created job. Some of the funds that have received millions of dollars from the state have no intention of spending any of it in Ohio. Meanwhile, legislators are set to expand the program. When Democratic lawmakers introduced amendments that would require 75 percent of jobs created to be in Ohio, or to get money back from firms that had failed to live up to Ohio job creation commitments, they were thwarted by majority Republicans. The bill now moves to the State Senate.

Kasich has less private sector experience than Obama

At CPAC, the big conservative circle-jerk that took place this week, Governor Kasich told attendees he’d never vote for anyone for President who didn’t have experience as a chief executive. Which is funny, because that pretty much rules out John Kasich. And Kasich, who spent only eight years at Lehman Brothers and Fox News, has several years less in the private sector than Obama himself.

Romney flip-flops on clean energy, lies about Obama policies

We’ve told you before there is a coordinated conservative attempt to portray renewable energy negatively in an attempt to hurt President Obama in the fall. According to the Washington Post, Mitt Romney is dutifully doing his part, misrepresenting President Obama’s policies and their effects while abandoning his own earlier support for renewable energy.

Kasich appoints maxed-out campaign contributor to OSU board of trustees

Cookie magnate, Cheryl Krueger, was appointed by the Governor to a sought-after spot on the OSU Board of Trustees. Krueger contributed $22,695.56 to Kasich’s 2010 run for Governor.

University President: a nice gig if you can get it

Nice editorial in the Akron Beacon Journal today about U of A President Lester Lefton’s automatic annual bonuses that grow by $10,000 each year–effectively giving him a step increase of the sort that GOP leaders aimed to eliminate for lower-ranking union workers as part of the SB5 effort last year. Lefton also received a six-figure bonus for doing his job. Between him and Gordon Gee, we’re starting to think we went into the wrong line of work.

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  • leeseh

    Isn’t this what Karl Rove told the Republicans: Attack your opponents strengths?  

  • DublinIrishBob

    A free press is a great thing to own, just ask the Wolfe family.  

  • Im reading several articles about how Republican Governors think unions shouldnt exist, and appears they are collaborating on how to eliminate unions in their states asap. This article above is nothing knew..their agenda continues n will stop at nothing, They r going to continue to force legislation thru n use other means of influence to split Americans thru race..white vs black . and  sabatoge any voters or group that may vote Obama. I have also been reading about voting fraud n how in Wisconsin, even though they used , mostly paper ballots, concerns on y the dem party did not pursue a recount.

  • lisandrageorge

    Online universities like WGU keep getting bad reviews. The truth is, most degrees in 10 years will be online. I went through High Speed Universities for my BSN, and now WGU for my Master.

  • Dmoore2222

    How funny. Mr. Operating at the Speed of Business” and “Government is the Problem” has done nothing more than create a corporate welfare state with well below par results.

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