From the daily archives: Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quite unexpectedly, we discovered in Ohio’s first quarter campaign finance filings that when total contributions are totaled and ranked, Yvette McGee Brown, Democrat for Supreme Court, comes out on top. Not on top of Supreme Court candidates, but above all other candidates for state office. Here are the top ten as of April 15:

Justice McGee Brown is out-raising her opponent, Judge Sharon Kennedy, by nearly 3 to 1.

This week also brought the news that Justice Brown was rated “Highly Recommended” by the 25,000-member Ohio State […]

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Patrick Lencioni is the best-selling author of books about business and management and has sold millions of copies of his business fables worldwide.  According to his own bio, his work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, and USA Today.  In 1997, he founded The Table Group, a consulting firm to help leaders improve their organizations’ health.

I’ve read all of his books, but his most recent publication has really resonated with me.  While his first books were written in the style of business fables (Death by Meeting and Three Signs of a Miserable […]

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Hey boys and girls, here’s what we’re reading today:

Columbus Dispatch continues to give Kasich an assist in his attacks on Obama

Yesterday, Dispatch readers were greeted with a front-page story in which our Governor minimized jobs created in one of our most important industries in order to attack the President and loans that kept Detroit afloat. Kasich, you’ll recall, opposed government intervention in the carmakers’ future.

This morning, Kasich penned his own piece on the editorial page talking up his energy legislation, which he signs tomorrow. The bill allows oil and gas companies […]

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After the Walker recall failed, people suggested that the difference between Kasich and Walker was that Walker had repaired his poor image among voters, while John Kasich had not. And the polls bear him out:

The red line tracks Kasich’s disapproval rating while the black line shows voter approval. His low point came last fall as his collective bargaining reform went down to defeat. By March, he’d hit his peak, likely tied to his attempt to position himself to the left of his GOP counterparts in the legislature by proposing a miniscule tax increase on oil & gas drillers. […]

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