Just a quick thought for those of you freaking out about the results of the Wisconsin recall.

It doesn’t mean Democrats and the President are doomed in the face of corporate money, or that unions are irrelevant.

Consider this CBS News exit poll result as reported by Politico:

60 percent of Wisconsin voters yesterday told exit pollsters that they believe a recall should only be used in the case of malfeasance or improper behavior. Just 27 said a recall was appropriate for any reason.

This was not a regular election, it was a recall. And many Wisconsin voters apparently believe that the bar for recalling a sitting official should be set rather high. Higher than horrible policy they disagree with. Crimes and misdemeanors high.

I’m not saying people who sought Walker’s ouster were wrong or misguided. They were not.

But they had an uphill climb. Add that to the pile of money that was spent and combined it was too much to overcome.

There is a lot in the Wisconsin result to be concerned about, but let’s not give up. I saw a comment this morning to the effect that it’s not worth us pointing out Governor Kasich’s lies because “money in campaigns makes facts irrelevant”.

Pointing out the lies is why we’re here. And it’s how we fight back. The left spends money to reach voters, too. And we have an important story to tell about extreme policies of the right that favor the wealthy and hurt the middle class.

We’re not giving up and neither should you.

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  • This is one of the rare moments when I disagree with Plunderbund.  It does matter.  It matters that progressives were outspent 6 to 1 and I question what infrastructure have we built for the long term?  I know a lot of people who worked their tails off in WI and I want to know that their work & the sacrifices they made were for something — not just for June 5th. 

  • I’m not sure there should have been a recall either, elections having consequences and all that. But I’m still saddened he didn’t get dethroned.

  • Dmoore2222

    Karen, I agree. Even republicans are starting to worry about the Citizens United decision because it can cut both ways. If you think legislators have spent too much time fundraising and campaign advertising in the past, then what do you think the future will look like? I assume by infrastructure you mean this pay-to-play system that has gotten totally out of control and reduces any discussion of the issues to bumpersticker slogans. The republcans know that the  democrats’ weakness is concern for truth and social justice. And a lot of energy is spent on that. Meanwhile, they’re piling on the negative ad campaigns they know work. The fact that 60% of Wisconsin voters didn’t see Walker’s attack on teachers, firefighters, nurses, etc. as “malfeasance or improper behavior” is stunning and totally beyond me.  

  • Judyla23

    We can’t discount the simple psychology of it, too.  People–especially polite, reasonable Midwestern people–can reject an abstract collection of words (i.e., SB5) but to look at someone in the face, even the rat-like face of Scott Walker, and say:  “We reject you!” is just too much for these milquetoasts, evidently.

  • Spitfiremk1

    The implications that I take from the Wisconsin recall are that we in Ohio still have a battle for our own state.  While I would have liked to see Walker turned out, this only convinces me that we need to work hard to clean out the Ohio legislature and put some folks in there who will tell Kasich that he is wrong and stand up to him.  We have about 5 months to do this, but if we don’t, we will be in worse shape than Wisconsin.

  • pb_dirtgirl

    Karen, we certainly didn’t say the money didn’t matter. We just said that Wisconsin voters 
    (as a poster below called them polite midwesterners) were reluctant to recall the Governor on a question of policy. That COMBINED WITH the overwhelming and harmful effects of corporate money made the fight a hard one to win. The post was merely meant to say people shouldn’t take the defeat to mean we’re all doomed in November and should give up (as someone here did in a comment thread yesterday).

  • exflteacher

    Well if the DOJ would come down hard on Walker for not cooperating in the probe this would be a non issue.  Both Walker and Prebus are likely gonna be in court- but if Obama doesn’t quit hanging union folk out to dry this wont matter because we will have presidente Pablo Romney in office and he will order the DOJ to kill the investigation

  • leeseh

    I also disagree.  It has national implications.  Now Tea Party governors and law makers are going to be able to pursue their agendas and point to Wisconsin as “see, the people agree with us”.  I’ve even read Democrats on Daily Kos saying they don’t like unions, particularly public unions.  They were spouting about people making 80-90% of their wages in retirement and no one should be able to retire at 50.


    The silver lining in this fight is the State Senate may well be a firewall against Walker , also he may face indictment.

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