Just a quick thought for those of you freaking out about the results of the Wisconsin recall.

It doesn’t mean Democrats and the President are doomed in the face of corporate money, or that unions are irrelevant.

Consider this CBS News exit poll result as reported by Politico:

60 percent of Wisconsin voters yesterday told exit pollsters that they believe a recall should only be used in the case of malfeasance or improper behavior. Just 27 said a recall was appropriate for any reason.

This was not a regular election, it was a recall. And many Wisconsin voters apparently believe that the bar for recalling a sitting official should be set rather high. Higher than horrible policy they disagree with. Crimes and misdemeanors high.

I’m not saying people who sought Walker’s ouster were wrong or misguided. They were not.

But they had an uphill climb. Add that to the pile of money that was spent and combined it was too much to overcome.

There is a lot in the Wisconsin result to be concerned about, but let’s not give up. I saw a comment this morning to the effect that it’s not worth us pointing out Governor Kasich’s lies because “money in campaigns makes facts irrelevant”.

Pointing out the lies is why we’re here. And it’s how we fight back. The left spends money to reach voters, too. And we have an important story to tell about extreme policies of the right that favor the wealthy and hurt the middle class.

We’re not giving up and neither should you.

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