From the daily archives: Thursday, June 7, 2012

State Sen. Bob Peterson gave a town hall meeting earlier this week which was documented in this piece from the Wilmington News Journal. Since nearly every answer the Senator gave his constituents was inaccurate or just completely wrong, I’d thought we’d do a little fact check post to help clear things up.


In response to a question about casino dollars for schools Peterson says:

“The legislature has the potential to designate some of our (casino) funds to schools. There’s going to be plenty of money to spread around everywhere for all of us. Certainly the legislature […]

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A newly-released analysis shows that the world of Silicon Valley venture capital is a bona fide boys club, with the biggest firms employing a dismal lack of female partners, while managing to hire women into 100 percent of their receptionist positions.

Why does this matter in Ohio?

You may recall our Governor has a similar track record when it comes to hiring women into key roles. In fact, upon taking office, in order to give some of his top staff raises, Kasich cut the salaries of several female staffers at the bottom. More recently we showed that […]

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Just a quick thought for those of you freaking out about the results of the Wisconsin recall.

It doesn’t mean Democrats and the President are doomed in the face of corporate money, or that unions are irrelevant.

Consider this CBS News exit poll result as reported by Politico:

60 percent of Wisconsin voters yesterday told exit pollsters that they believe a recall should only be used in the case of malfeasance or improper behavior. Just 27 said a recall was appropriate for any reason.

This was not a regular election, it was a recall. And many Wisconsin […]

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