John Kasich likes to talk about how Ohio’s economy was terrible under his predecessor, but now, with him in charge, things are turning around.

Yesterday, statistics came out that show the exact opposite.

According to numbers released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, over the past two years, Ohio’s economy, as measured by its Gross Domestic Product, grew. That’s the good news.

The bad news for Kasich is that it slowed down tremendously after he took office.

In 2010, the last year of Governor Strickland’s administration, after the auto rescue and stimulus had been fully implemented, Ohio’s GDP grew by 2.7 percent. But in 2011—Kasich’s first year—that growth slowed to just 1.1 percent. Ohio ranked 28th in the nation, lower than the average of Great Lakes states, and far below Michigan, whose economy grew 2.3 percent last year.

Ohio’s economy is in recovery—after a 6.2 percent decline in the state’s GDP in 2009, we are now seeing growth. But contrary to the happy talk you’ll hear from Kasich, things have worsened since he took office.

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