Ohio law requires political parties to include a disclaimer when posting information on the internet in support or opposition to a candidate or issue. A new website from the Ohio Republican Party, odpwatchdog.com, appears to be in clear violation of Ohio election law because it lacks any type of disclaimer.

I guess this could be a simple beginner’s mistake. After all, Izzy Santa, the ORP’s new Communications Director, doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with Ohio Politics. But this is pretty basic stuff to overlook. Maybe next time ask Bob Bennett? Or better yet: your lawyer?

It’s also possible that Izzy and the ORP are just trying to deceive Ohio’s voters with this website. Which wouldn’t surprise me in the least. After all, the domain of this new website was registered anonymously to intentionally hide to owner, and Izzy does have a history working with that dirtbag James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas (think ACORN/Pimps).

But come on people! If you’re trying to be sneaking, don’t go telling people it’s your website on Facebook!

In fairness to Izzy, her departure from Veritas was not on good terms, but given her past with this shady group, and the history of serious ethical and legal issues association with ORP’s new leadership team, you’d think they would be a little more careful about following the law.

  • Laws are for chumps. Rushpubliscums don’t need to follow no steekneng laws.

  • Leonidas

    While looking at the website By itself may make it appear to be a news aggregator, the Facebook post indicates the clear tie to the Ohio Republican Party. In that case, this appears to be a Political Publication covered by ORC 3517.20. Thus, the disclosure is necessary. Even issue ads need to disclose their source of funding.

    Plunderbund of course does not need a disclosure because it is not funded by one of the entities covered by the Revised Code. Moreover, Plunderbund is a media outlet (ok, new media, whatever that is!) and thus would have rights under the Free Press Clause of the First Amendment not possessed by political parties.

  • Leonidas

    Cool additional fact: checking with Whois it seems the Ohio Republical Party used godaddy to register the domain name. So the Ohio GOP is supporting a company that produces borderline obscene advertising featuring Danica Patrick and other scantily clad women. Awesome.

  • To clarify, the site does not simply aggregate news. It is original content with the occasional news clip thrown in.

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