From the daily archives: Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Joe Vardon’s piece in the Dispatch on Sunday detailed the many reasons “real” conservatives in Ohio think Kasich hasn’t lived up to the promises he made to them during the campaign. Unfortunately for Kasich, the “statistics” his office provides as evidence of his spending “decreases”, when looked at in detail, do more damage than good to his conservative credentials.

I’ll give Vardon credit for one thing: he’s hunted down quotes from some of the most well-known conservatives in Ohio: Chris Littleton (anti-obamacare, “right to work”), Matt Mayer (former head of the Buckeye Institute) and Dave Zanotti of the Ohio […]

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Ohio law requires political parties to include a disclaimer when posting information on the internet in support or opposition to a candidate or issue. A new website from the Ohio Republican Party,, appears to be in clear violation of Ohio election law because it lacks any type of disclaimer.

I guess this could be a simple beginner’s mistake. After all, Izzy Santa, the ORP’s new Communications Director, doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with Ohio Politics. But this is pretty basic stuff to overlook. Maybe next time ask Bob Bennett? Or better yet: your lawyer?

It’s […]

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