From the daily archives: Saturday, June 2, 2012

Don’t mind us, we’re just testing out a potential new feature. A lot of the stories we write here require intensive research and reporting, and often long waits for responses to requests for public records. It’s time-consuming, which is why we do relatively infrequent posting. Oh, that and the fact we all have day jobs. (Are you a wealthy progressive donor ready to help us build capacity? Inquire here!)

So today, we bring you a quick review of what we’re reading this morning.

Columbus Dispatch: Ohio outlaws texting while driving

Our take? It’s an ineffective and […]

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Readers may be familiar with OSU President Gordon Gee’s aggressive campaign to privatize campus parking for a lump sum of cash, leaving the campus community paying more to park and depriving future university administrations of revenue for the next fifty years.

What’s unclear to us is why. In talks to campus groups, most of whom are opposed to the plan, Gee paints a gloomy picture of the school’s finances and threatens harsh consequences of not acting:

“Gee says parking could save OSU”
Ohio State’s future could be filled with huge budget cuts, layoffs and bigger-than-normal tuition increases if the […]

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