February’s job numbers were very good nationally and extremely good in Ohio.

So it’s no surprise that in March, John Kasich ran around the country telling anyone who would listen that Ohio’s job growth the previous month was the direct result of his policies. He actually went on MSNBC to declare that he had personally created “an atmosphere for job growth” in our state and, as a result, Ohio had the highest job growth of any state.

Yay John Kasich! Yay OhiO!

By the time the March numbers came out, Ohio ranked dead last. But Kasich kept talking about February.

When April’s numbers came out, and they weren’t much better, Kasich started looking for someone else to blame, and he began hinting that it was now President Obama’s fault.

And when today’s national job numbers came out for May showing weaker than expected growth, Kasich decided to send out this tweet, completely ignoring the fact that he’d assumed responsibility for Ohio’s economic growth a few months earlier, and doubling-down on his blame-Obama strategy:

So when job numbers are good, it’s the direct result of John Kasich’s awesome job-creating policies? But when the numbers slip it’s suddenly President Obama’s fault?

Give me a fucking break.

We don’t know yet how last month’s numbers will break down by state. Those numbers won’t be released for a few weeks. But the national numbers don’t bode well for Ohio.

I can’t tell you for sure how Ohio did last month, but I can tell you this with certainty: if Ohio did well, Kasich will take credit and if we did poorly, he’ll blame someone else.

Good leaders take responsibility when things go bad. Bad leaders try to pass the blame. John Kasich has proven time and again that he is most definitely the latter.

  • buckeyekelly

    Someone said it best on NPR tonight: when a POTUS race is +/- 3% points, it’s a dead heat. But when the job rates go up .1% or down .1% it’s breaking news. Yet there is no statistical difference between 8.1% and 8.2%. None. 

  • annekarima53

    Ahhh … folks … and I somewhat quote “who’s that rider? tell me who’s that rider? John the Revelator…”      He’s not.

  • Troysteelerfan

    I would like to see more analysis of what the job numbers would look like – the unemployment rate etc – if GOP governors weren’t slashing budgets left and right for state and local governments and schools and the public sector workers were not getting the shaft – there was a recent article about the unemployment rate being something like 7.2% if these workers had not been laid off due to GOP cuts to budgets.

  • annekarima53

    Doesn’t it take employment in the private sector to keep that ponzi scheme going?

  • Dmoore2222

    I thought JobsOhio was supposed to fix all of this. Ohio, with it’s crumblin roads and bridges, unconstitutional and antiquated school funding model, skeletel public transportation system, lax environmental policies, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-union, and anti-voter legislation,  would attract scads of new companies to operate at “the speed of business.” Instead, our amateur governor gave away tens of millions of tax dollars to status quao companies that then sent jobs out of the state. This is what voters got for their 2010 vote. The sad thing is that it was all predictable. When you vote in a turd who made money off of a company that went down the toilet this is what you get.

  • Walbridge Rocks

    It’s like calling a police officer who is doing his job an “idiot”

  • Sidney18511

    Kasich is just following the GOP game plan. If Romney takes the whitehouse the first memo to the tea baggers will be….it’s not going to be easy to undo Obama’s damage. But Obama is still running the government on the bush tax cuts, he was just blocked from moving the country forward .

  • Dcoronata

     Profanity is the proper response to idiots that fail to understand basic reality.

    If it was good enough for the Immortal Bard, it is good enough for the rest of us. 

  • Fuck you — how’s that for wit?

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