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From the Voters First Team

Every ten years in Ohio, the political party in power has been drawing Congressional and state legislative districts to protect their jobs and their friends.  This year we have seen it reach a particularly disquieting  point (made possible by the convergence of technology and unrestrained political ambition) that politicians are choosing their voters instead of the other way around.  This is of particular concern because if the deck is outrageously stacked in the favor of one particular candidate, general elections become a mere formality and having only the illusion choice (or in some cases only […]

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As we watch Republicans gear up for their “repeal and replace” effort after the historic Affordable Care Act (ACA) decision by the Supreme Court, it seems worth mentioning that some of Ohio’s biggest employers – including many big Republican donors and detractors of “Obamacare” – have also been some of the biggest beneficiaries of the ACA.

One of the programs directly responsible for helping employers is the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP). The program is aimed at employers who are dealing with rising health care costs with the goal of helping them to remain “competitive in the global marketplace.” To […]

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While Ohio’s conservative bloggers have been surprisingly on-message with the Romney camp since the announcement of the ACA decision by the Supreme Court yesterday (taxes go up, elect Romney, repeal, etc), that isn’t true for all conservatives. Anger at the Supreme Court and President Obama is running rampant on the internet and beyond and we thought it worth sharing a little of the craziness.

What conservative overreaction would be complete without a whole bunch of Nazi Germany references?

And some good, old-fashioned racism thrown in to the mix:

You […]

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We have now had a first chance to read through the Supreme Court’s opinions upholding the Affordable Care Act.  The opinions total 193 pages – so there is likely some nuance that we missed or won’t fully appreciate for days or months or, even, years.

Lots of good coverage out there on the Internet, so we won’t repeat.  We particularly recommend the discussions on Slate and Scotusblog.

A couple of Ohio specific points:

First, a our friend @notgvn asked on Twitter about the Tea Party backed Amendment to the Ohio Constitution from the last election.  This provision provides […]

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We told you not to panic after oral arguments did not appear to go well on the Affordable Care Act.  And then we reminded you this week.

It appears that the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act.  To Paraphrase the Vice President, this is a Big F’n Deal.  The decision is quite complicated.  We will parse through the opinion, which Can be found here, and try to explain the impact on Ohio in plain English as soon as we are able.

In the mean time, this is how ScotusBlog has described it:

In […]

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Earlier this summer, Governor John Kasich told a group of over 1,000 young men to “take courses in college that advance their career goals.”  Kasich should have mentioned that they’ll likely need to do so in a different state due to the negative impact that his budget priorities are having on Ohio’s public universities.  Funding cuts by the Kasich Administration and Republican-led House & Senate have (not surprisingly) resulted in maximum tuition increases across all of Ohio.

We’ve got a roundup of that news from every corner of the state below.  In a state where residents are up-in-arms about “mismanagement” […]

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Two polls in the Sherrod Brown/Josh Mandel sentate race came out today, and both provide very poor news for Josh Mandel’s campaign.

Quinnipiac shows Sherrod Brown leading Mandel by 16 points (50/34), with solid leads across all the major demographics. Brown has a 16 point lead with Independents, 19 with women and 12 points with men.  

The only demographic in which Mandel maintains a small lead is religious folks.  He’s has a 1 point lead with Catholics, 3 points with Protestants and 16 with people who self-identify as Born Again/Evangelical.

Overall, Brown is up 4 points from same poll […]

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Kasich’s anti-crime agenda has had some success.  Hooray???

Back in February we noted that the center of Kasich’s anti-crime agenda was signs urging people to call #677 in order to nark on their neighbors report suspicions of drug activity.

In April we suggested that the whole sign-thing was a big, expensive, waste of time.  We said this because we believed that “if the signs had worked,” the Kasich administration would be bragging about it.  The lack of any press releases touting the “success” of the signs was, in our view, evidence of failure.

This morning, the Kasich Paper […]

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It’s not been a good 24 hours for John Kasich’s rebranding effort. Yesterday saw the release of a new PPP poll showing the Governor had the approval of only 61 percent of Ohio Republicans. Today, a new Quinnipiac poll is out, and the news continues to be bad.

Overall, more Ohioans disapprove of Kasich than approve of him as Governor, by 44-40 percent. His approval is trending back down after reaching its peak of 42 percent in March.

And, as the poll yesterday showed, Kasich has a […]

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A new poll from Public Policy Polling was released today, and it shows the Presidential race in Ohio is tightening.

President Obama now leads  among Ohio voters by 3 points, defeating Mitt Romney 47-44. Obama’s approval numbers have dropped, but he’s not nearly as unpopular as his opponent. Obama’s negatives exceed his positives by 7 points. But a full 20 percent more Ohioans view Romney unfavorably than those who view him favorably, 54-34.

Women continue to be a key voting bloc, split on approval/disapproval of the President (47-47), but not rushing to Romney. 57 percent […]

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During the 2004 presidential elections, Ken Blackwell became infamous for his role in helping to reelect Bush. Blackwell served as both Secretary of State and as co-chair of the “Committee to re-elect George W. Bush” and no fewer than sixteen lawsuits were filed against Blackwell for his involvement in disenfranchising Ohio voters that year.

Jump ahead to 2012 and Governor Scott in Florida is currently pulling a Blackwell: attempting to purge potential voters – most of whom would likely vote for Democrats – from the voter roles, preventing them from voting in the presidential election this fall.

According […]

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