Well it’s official. All of the big companies Kasich said were threatening to leave Ohio have now starting laying off Ohioans after receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives.

It started back in February with American Greetings. After receiving roughly $93.5 million in aid, and rewarding their CEO with a huge raise, American Greetings announced it would begin laying off Ohioans as part of the “overall strategic focus of the company.”

Diebold was next. Kasich helped organize a package of state and local incentives totaling $100 million for Diebold, including $56 million from the State. And in mid-April we found out Diebold was shipping 200 Ohio jobs to India, and their total workforce in Ohio had already dropped by another 200.

And yesterday we heard Bob Evans is now planning to eliminate over 100 jobs in Ohio, sending them to Texas, after Kasich gave the company $8 Million to move their corporate headquarters a few miles down the road.

If you’re keeping track, that’s over $200 million dollars given to these three companies, all of which have started laying off people in Ohio and shipping jobs to other states and countries.

We know John Kasich likes to think of himself as a big picture guy making big money deals with big companies. The deal maker and chief. The CEO of Ohio. Unfortunately for Ohio and Ohioans, those deals only seem to benefit the companies and not the state. John Kasich is giving away hundreds of millions of dollars to companies like Diebold, Bob Evans and American Greetings, and these companies are laying off Ohioans.

If John Kasich WAS Ohio’s CEO, the stock holders would be furious.

  • annekarima53

    Oh heck – if the company gives the employees opportunity and incentive to move they ought to move  – no state tax in TEXAS.    But then it earned the name TAXAS for other reasons.

  • But if we only please our corporate overlords with tax cuts and “incentives,” they will sends gifts of jobs!

  • Gotta love King John! Not!

  • Troysteelerfan

    more failed GOP policies….trickle down economics does not work – its more like trickle ON…this will be spun as a reason why “Ohio must become a right to work state”…..were the workers in these companies unionized? If so , wait and see….King Kasuck will blame the unions and go on a rant about “we must become a right to work” state…..

  • DublinIrishBob

    Sad thing is that the Right, Tea Party, and The Dispatch (are they really separate?) are spinning this as a case of union thugs forcing Bob Evans to leave.

  • Tpiteo65

    all hail king johnny boy.  remember the campaign add with him at the junction of the dirt road and the modern paved road and what direction ohio would go with him as governor.   Well it sure looks like we are going down the dirt road with king johnny boy at the wheel.  After the good king and his crony capitalist friends get done raping and piliging ohio, there will not be anything left to rebuild. Where is the great tea partiers when this kind of crap happens?

  • annekarima53

    That could be a point.  There’s nothing Texas likes better than a great shady land deal.  Not much land left to deal in Ohio.

  • It’s all those minimum wage jobs in Texas that get them. NO more Bob Evans.

  • Nifty Lawrence

    Since Ohio Republicans are intent on drug-testing welfare recipients, will they also test executives at Bob Evans, Diebold and American Greetings?

  • Dmoore2222

    No surprise here. These are all status quo companies that aren’t going to move the needle with job growth. Their only leverage is their size so they can do exactly what they’re now doing–use the job positions they have to extort money from the State. So the question is how does Ohio attract new companies and encourage existing ones to expand. Well, we’re not going to do it with crumbling roads and bridges, a skeletel public transportation system, an antiquated (and unconstitutional)education funding model, voter suppression laws, and anti-gay legislation. But what about JobsOhio? Jonny Boy all but guarenteed they would make Ohio the envy of the country. How’s that workin for ya, Johnny?

  • Byoungusa

    What is it gonna take to get the working people in this country to see the big picture? Its not abut Ohio, or Mich, or Wisc. its about the whole country. The Republican agenda is to force every person into the work force by killing all social safety-nets, and lowering all wages. They are trying to kill all organized labor and kill all EPA and labor laws. They are destroying public education and getting us used to less policing, and fire. But thats only until any big trouble starts and then you hear the cry for a national policing org. 
    What is it gonna take to make people see that this is capitalism making aggressive war! They already have us getting used to lower and lower standards of living. 

  • Houndmutt

    I read the article, it appears that offers were made in March, but did Bob Evans’ actually get any cash? With the tax credits if they do not stay til the end of the year will they still get to take the credits? If BE scored a pile of cash then left, that is wrong. However, if they welshed on a deal (and will not get any cash or tax credits) that is bad business (and bad faith) but will taxpayers get fleeced? Is BE headed to Texas with $8 million from Ohio taxpayers? If nothing else, BE putting local and state governments through all these hoops just to leave anyway is wrong in and of itself. This corporate welfare business should end. Can anyone help me with those questions?

  • Thomas Paine

    No solutions here, just bitching.  You act like it is you personally that is paying the tab.   Perhaps the reason companies are still leaving is because we are a tax unfriendly state for business.  


     If they did, it was by accident.

  • The Mad Moose

    Hey! HEEEYYY!!! That’s sacrilege! One simply does not question Cabela’s bringing goodness to central Ohio!

  • DrMichael

    Boo on American Greetings! Bigger boo to Republican voting machine maker Diebold (the same hackable machines you’ve seen exposed on TV!)! Boo to Bob Evans! And the biggest BOO for Kasich and friends who made this possible, not to mention the idiots who voted them into office!! BOO!!!

  • DrMichael

    Anon was joking. It’s definitely a “No”!

  • DrMichael

    Thomas Paine? Initials T.P., as in “Tea Partier”? This state is entirely TOO friendly to business, tax-wise and otherwise!! I’d say 200 million in tax dollar payouts to big business (and that’s only counting 3 of them) is ENTIRELY TOO TAX FRIENDLY to BUSINESS in MY book!

  • DrMichael


  • DrMichael

    Used to eat every week at B.E. – my wife loves the place. Since Kasich gave them our tax dollars, zero times a week. Maybe they’re losing business because Ohioan’s walking out on them is finally making a difference! Hopefully it means the mom’s and pop’s are getting the increase instead! I try to buy small business whenever I can!

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