As we reported last week, the FBI is investigating hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions given to Republicans Josh Mandel and Jim Renacci from the employees of a marketing firm owned by Republican donor Benjamin Suarez.

The Toledo Blade reported about these highly-questionable donations almost a year ago, suggesting that the money was likely funneled by Suarez through his employees, which is illegal under federal campaign finance law.

Mandel’s team ignored the obvious evidence for over 10 months. But earlier this week, prompted by the FBI investigation, they finally gave the money back.

Jim Renacci’s campaign has so far been silent.

So we have to ask: When will Jim Renacci give back the over-100K in tainted campaign contributions he received from Suarez and his employees?

  • westparkguy

    It will be interesting to see what happens to that money that Josh gave back. If the story is true and that money was funneled by Suarez, will Suarez be asking his employees for that money back.

    I see a followup story soon….

  • amyvav

    HAHA! Won’t it be funny if Suarez is forced to let his employees keep the money because it’s under scrutiny!

    I hope for followup stories on this and on other employers who have been doing this for years – and they’re not only funding Ohio candidates. They’re funneling their dollars into other states as well… 

  • Akreducator

    I know Jim Renacci and he was a crook when he was Mayor of Wadsworth and he is still a crook.

  • Mr. Brown

    Mandel plays the games of politics well….cheat until you get caught and then pretend you had no idea. 

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