I was struck by a fun chart from Charles Blow of the New York Times looking at the results of the latest national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. It depicts, in visual terms, which demographic groups favor each major political party.

So for fun, let’s review the May 24 NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll poll of Ohio registered voters . Overall, the President leads 48-42. How does that break down demographically?

In Ohio, Romney wins among:

  • Republicans
  • Independents
  • Conservatives
  • Tea Partiers
  • People with a “moderate” interest in participating in the election
  • People who intend to vote on election day
  • Men
  • Whites
  • Columbus area
  • People making $75,000 or more
  • Evangelicals

Obama wins among:

  • Democrats
  • Liberals
  • Moderates
  • People with a “high” or “low” interest in participating in the election
  • People who plan to vote early or haven’t decided when they will vote
  • Women
  • Every age group examined: under 45, 45 and older, 18 to 29, 30 to 44, 45 to 59 and 60 and older
  • Non-whites
  • Cleveland area
  • Eastern Ohio
  • Northwest/Toledo
  • South/Cincinnati
  • People making less than $75,000
  • Non-college graduates
  • Landline and cell phone users

There is not a single age group that Obama loses, though his best performance comes among those 30-44 years of age, where he leads by 16 points. He does well among a variety of minority groups and geographic areas. Perhaps the most surprising results are that Obama wins among seniors and in Eastern Ohio, given the media’s recent attempts to label both as closet racists unwilling to reelect a black President.

According to the poll, Romney’s base in Ohio are rich, white, tea party and evangelical men in Central Ohio who are only moderately excited to vote. Given that description, brace yourselves for some pretty horrible advertising from the Romney folks this fall.

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  • Green Iris

    I’m not so sure about NWO. Once you go inland from Lake Erie w/ the exception of Bowling Green, things get red in a hurry.
    This area is now represented by Marcie in the 9th, Bob Latta in the 5th, and heavens help us Jim Jordan in the new 4th. Jordan makes Latta look liberal.

  • If we dont get that Voters 1st /gerrymandering..putting power back w/people n out of legislators hands..amendment on ballot in November, the way the maps redistrcted…We are gonna be in a world of hurt…

  • missskeptic

    Many of these religious conservatives will not vote for a Mormon.  My brother-in-law is a typical example – he said he will either vote 3rd party or not at all, rather than vote for Willard.

  • wetsu

    I agree with Green Iris, not so fast on NWO. Findlay is soundly red and Hancock County will show up to the polls. Even Lima looks to be more red in my view and who knows what turn out you’ll get from Obama supporters this time around. And, yes, heavens help us with Jim Jordan.

  • leeseh

    Yes, NWO is soundly red.  The problem is the Lima News and Findlay Courier are Republican shills (surprise, surprise), so the people get nothing but their right wing views.  The few people that try to tell the other side are chased out.

  • Guest

    So now $75000/ year is rich? It is not unusual for career public school teachers to make $75000/ year. Are we not always hearing about how underpaid our teachers are? Are they rich, or underpaid? Which is it?

  • Guest

    Cops make $75000/ year. Cops are rich.

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