From the daily archives: Monday, May 21, 2012

In a blockbuster report this morning, The New Republic uncovered that the FBI is investigating a slew of campaign donations to our absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel and his congressional buddy Jim Renacci.

News of yet another investigation is truly shocking, even for the likes of Mandel and Renacci, for whom scandals ordinarily constitute another day at the office.

As reported by The Toledo Blade in August of last year, the donations, totaling $100,000 each to Mandel and Renacci, came from just 16 employees of a marketing firm owned by Republican donor Benjamin Suarez, along with six of their spouses. Each made […]

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Last week we slammed the Ohio Republican Party for hiring a new executive director with a record of public corruption, but it turns out Matt Borges may have a redeeming quality: he is currently registered as a lobbyist for Equality Ohio.

Equality Ohio was founded by LGBT activists and allies in 2005 in response to the passage of a constitutional amendment that banned same sex marriage and civil unions in Ohio. Their mission is to “Advance Pro-Equality Legislation and Public Policies Throughout Ohio” and their primary strategic goal is “to achieve fair treatment and equal opportunity for all […]

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