This week, Governor Kasich made a bit of a fuss about Vice President Biden’s visit, suggesting on Facebook and Fox News that the White House should not take credit for jobs created by Ohio’s auto industry. He then hilariously went on to do the exact same thing:

We have created 1,400 direct auto manufacturing jobs

Here’s the thing about taking credit for job creation. If you’re going to do it when jobs are up, you have to take the blame when they’re down.

Which brings us to today’s news. Back in April Kasich told anyone who’d listen that Ohio “led the nation” in job creation for February. But when the March jobs report out and Ohio actually lost more jobs than any other state, you didn’t hear a peep about it from the Governor. Now, for a second month in a row, the state is losing jobs—3,400 in April.

Given how vocal Kasich was about job gains in February and his persnickety insistence that politicians not take undue credit for job growth, we’re sure he will quickly step up to blame his own policies for the recent decline in the ranks of the employed. Right?

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