Two months ago Portage County Republican Party Chairman Andrew Manning asked the FBI to look into allegations that Manning had been asked to withdraw as a candidate for the state Central Committee race and in return he would be “given influence” over state government appointments. Manning’s attorney just confirmed that the FBI is looking into the charges.

In an email received minutes ago, Attorney David R. Langdon released this statement on behalf of Manning:

“FBI agents interviewed Andrew Manning last week. He answered questions about the statements in his affidavit, which he sent to the Justice Department in March of this year, that top allies of Gov. John Kasich offered him special influence over gubernatorial appointments if he agreed not to run for the state GOP central committee.”

He will have no further comment until the investigation has concluded.

Manning’s request to the FBI and local law enforcement was the first in a series of complaints claiming Kasich and his allies used intimidation, threats and promises of influence in order to get their own people on the State Central Committee to vote out former Committee Chairman Kevin DeWine.

While Manning’s complaint focused on Governor’s office employees Ben Kaiser and David Luketic, as well as Alex Arshinkoff (Summit County GOP Chairman) and Bryan Williams (Ohio Board of Education), other complaints have since surfaced against the Governor’s closest allies Doug Preisse and Jai Chabria as well as Mary Taylor and her chief of staff.

  • Dmoore2222

    W H A T ? You mean the laws apply to our monarch of a governor? How crass.

  • Spitfiremk1

    “The mills of the gods grid slowly”!
    I love it!!!

  • Good thing they’re investigating, but very little usually happens because of it. Kasich will probably be long out of office before they render a finding.

  • kmo

    True, but at least it is being reported as to the nature of how our governor and his minions like to do business.  Just think if this is how they treat fellow Republicans maybe there will be a few of the good ones who can regain some influence.  It will take some time however, as when there has been a Republican who wants to stand up for not running people over with buses they are thrown off  key committees. (thinking of the SB5 debacle) 

  • Csxt9999

    What???  Someone in the government is crooked?  Color me shocked!

  • Modern Esquire

    Yeah, just look at Coingate… Gov. Blago in IL… before him Gov. Ryan… Bob Ney….

  • Reader

    Seems to be the way Kasich rolls. How many judge appointments went into passing SB 5?

  • republicans R taking our personal freedoms as IL just passed law outlawing contraceptive this is unconstitutional yet they lie & say they R want 2 cut government  on social safety net but double defense budget  with a president who has 5 fingers & can sign whats put in front of him it called fascism & its FRIGHTING 

  • CherMoe

     You know what they say about karma …. what did Kasich call that cop who dared to issue him a ticket for breaking one of OUR laws???  Just like Walker in WI …. the corruption with the R’s is running rampant.  The only way they know of to make it to the top is by cheating and paying someone off.  Or paying the media to lie for them.  Hope they bring him down so we can get him out of office.

  • Mr. Brown

    It’s pathetic how these Tea Party types like Kasich try to get away with everything.

  • Wisconsin called me on way home from work..n FBI is investigatn him HARD..they believe theres a connection between he n walker..DUH! REALLY?

  • Bluestatediner

    Hear Joseph’s interview about this article over here

    He’s on the Blue State Diner in the final segment. We saved the best story for last.

  • Segreen80

    can you inpeach a governor , yes go ahead



  • whatever happened with this?

  • dbdel

    March 2016: Any updated information about the purported investigation?

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