34 resumes have vanished into thin air and no one knows where they went. Josh Mandel’s Treasurers office is now reporting that the office cannot locate the resumes of 34 political cronies and friends that Mandel hired to fill positions after winning election in 2010. These resumes are the Area 51 of this entire circus – we assume that they existed at one point but now we are told that if they do exist the Treasurer’s office says they do not have the slightest clue where they are so stop asking us and go away.

Now that the Treasurer’s office, one-year later, has finally come clean and said they don’t have these resumes what the hell have they been doing this entire time? The Ohio Democratic Party requested these resumes almost a year ago and it took them 12 months to figure out they don’t have these documents. Not only do they not have the resumes but they are not sure they ever even existed.

“Mr. Unger was not able to say whether the documents exist in some private office or were never collected in the first place.”

Which, is odd, because if we believe the Treasurer’s office, that these hires were made prior to Mandel taking office why aren’t they public record? Jesus, even Governor Kasich, who will bend over backwards to hide information from the public, made the resumes of people he hired prior to taking office public record.

What we are left to assume is that some of the most important positions in the Treasurer’s office were filled with political cronies and the public has no way of knowing whether these people are even remotely qualified to fill these positions. This is going to do wonders for the public trust of Josh Mandel and the State’s Treasurer’s office.

This makes sense though. Mandel was weaned on the same ideology that fuels the Republican’s believe that they are exempt from any iota of accountability and we peons need to leave them alone already.  There is grown-up work to do around here and our pesky desire for public disclosure is what is driving this country into the ground.

Of course the next step will be for the press to start falling over one another asking questions about the hiring process and whether these staffers went through any sort of standard hiring process. I’m going to do everyone a favor right now and answer these questions for them.


There was no standard hiring process. (Except if by standard you think hiring your friends with little or no experience to fill highly technical positions is a standard procedure, then yes.) The resumes are not being held at some private office somewhere because the resumes were never collected. (Why collect resumes from people when you already know you are going to hire them.) And don’t expect to ever learn about the experience of these individuals hired to manage billions of taxpayers’ dollars. Mandel clearly has no interest in letting Ohioans known how their money is being spent.

And with that ladies and gentlemen, I give you your sitting State Treasurer Josh Mandel –   don’t expect him to show up to the job we elected him to do or hire competent employees, he’s only here for the pay-check.

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