From the daily archives: Thursday, May 3, 2012

new Quinnipiac Poll released today shows Obama holding a 2 point lead in Ohio, but more importantly, maintaining his significant edge among women. Obama leads Romney among likely Ohio voters by 44-42. Among women, the President’s margin is 50-37.

The real concern for the Obama folks has to be the turnaround among Ohio’s independent voters–another key voting block. The President led by 4 points in both the February and March polls, but now trails Romney by 5.

Women’s opinions about both candidates are largely unchanged. 50% of women still view Obama favorably, compared to 53% […]

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I honestly don’t know if Josh Mandel thinks women are too stupid to decide what to do with their own bodies, or if he’s just siding with these extremist because he heard it would help get him elected to the Senate. What I do know is this: when it’s comes to women’s rights, Senator Sherrod Brown beats Josh Mandel hands down.

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Are you ready for some outrage?

Earlier this year, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency repaid $2.9 million from Ohio’s General Fund to the Federal Department of Homeland Security for misspent homeland security grant money.  (A request for spending authority was buried as item 48 on the agenda of the January 30, 2012 Controlling Board.)

A brief background:  In 2004, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police received a $21 million federal anti-terrorism grant to develop the Ohio Local Law Enforcement Information Sharing Network.  The network is still is in operation today, and probably has provided some benefits to law enforcement […]

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