A few weeks back Democrats again called out Jim Renacci for his membership in the all-male Sharon Golf Club in Medina County and for refusing to apologize for supporting sex discrimination. Renacci was invited to “join the 21st century and renounce his personal support for this type of sexism best left in the past.”

Renacci is running head-to-head against Betty Sutton in the newly gerrymandered Ohio 16th.  And while he didn’t officially respond to the criticism, his actions today should serve as sufficient evidence for where he stands on the issue.

During hearings on the Republican-sponsored Small Business Tax Cut Act, Democrats offered an amendment that would deny deductions for certain types of businesses like those conducting illegal activities such as prositition, pornographers, lobbyists and “Golf courses or clubs that discriminatorily restrict membership on the basis of sex or race.”

While we can’t accurately assess Renacci’s feelings on prostitution or pornography, we do know he absolutely loves golf and lobbyists. Especially, as a CBS News undercover investigation revealed last month, when the latter is paying for the former.

Roll call records from the vote show that Renacci was joined by House Speaker John Boehner in voting against this amendment.

Boehner is also a well know golfer and, like Renacci, belongs to his own all-male golf club: Burning Tree in Bethesda, Maryland.

Sure it’s possible every member of the Republican House caucus except one voted against this amendment for another reason (prostitution? porn?), but it’s likely quite a few – including Renacci and Boehner – voted to protect their precious, all-male golf clubs from having to admit women.

President Obama and House Democrats support admitting women members to all-male golf courses.  Republicans support exclusionary, sexist policies that prohibit women from joining all-male clubs.   Any questions?