Kasich endorsed Romney today. No surprise there. Joe Vardon has a piece in the Dispatch today covering the announcement, but he also delves into what will likely be one of the most important campaign issues and determiners of success in November: the economy.

Vardon quotes a professor of political science from the Ohio State University who says that the improving economy helps Kasich politically, but it also helps Obama. When asked about the professor’s comments, Kasich responded:

“You know why God made political scientists? So they could make astrologists look accurate.”

“I would advise kids not to take their class,” Kasich said. “I think it’s silly. … I don’t understand that theory. Of course I’m going to argue that Ohio could be doing much better if they would get their act together in Washington.”

Want to take a wild guess who else has a degree in Political Science from OSU?

John Kasich.

Not only did Kasich earn his B.A. in Political Science from OSU in 1974, he was given the honor of being named Distinguished Alumnus 2003 by the Political Science Department.

He’s given guest lectures on political science to political science students and he spent years as a high-paid lecturer at OSU where he spoke on a variety of topics, including some that certainly must have been considered the realm of a ‘political scientist’.

SO the next time John Kasich tells you something, remember: it’s likely less accurate than the advice you got from your astrologer.