I swear Josh Mandel is on a mission to melt my brain. Seriously. I think he just continues to do/say insane things to try and drive me crazy.  He isn’t going to quit until my brain is reduced to a soup like substance that just sits in my skull.

Every week it’s a new thing. Last week it was hiring political cronies to fill cushy jobs in the Treasurer’s office. Prior to that it was raising campaign funds from loan sharks and before that it was about him not doing the job he was elected to do.

I’m starting to think he just can’t help himself. He’s his own worst enemy.

That’s why I didn’t even flinch when I heard that Mandel said this yesterday at a campaign stop with Sen. John McCain in Columbus:

“Like Sen. McCain, I always tell the truth. And I always shoot straight to people throughout the state of Ohio,” Mandel said. “Sometimes the media doesn’t like to hear straight talk. Sometimes Republican and Democratic political bosses don’t like to hear straight talk, but I can tell you, people do, regular people do.”

I always tell the truth? Really? I’m having a really hard time believing that.

I mean, I know there was that one time the NRSCC ran ads for you alleging that Sen. Brown slapped Ohio small businesses with a $500 billion tax increase. But PolitiFact gave that a “Pants On Fire” rating and called the claim “ridiculous”.

And then there was that other time that you claimed Brown balked at confronting the EPA on a rule he knew would hurt Ohio businesses. But PolitiFact gave that one a “mostly false” rating so that wasn’t true either.

What about the time you said Sen. Brown was responsible for sending jobs to China? No, I guess that wasn’t true either – PolitiFact gave that one a “Pants On Fire” rating and said it was “ridiculous”.

There was that one other time you said Sen. Brown was “egging on” protestors who were spitting on police officers. But, I’m starting to feel a theme coming on; PolitiFact also gave that one a “Pants On Fire” rating and called it “ridiculous” again.

And then there were those other times were you kept saying things and you kept getting “False” ratings from PolitiFact. You weren’t telling the truth those times either.

So when Josh Mandel stands up in front of a crowd and says “I always tell the truth” he is in fact lying. He doesn’t always tell the truth.

In fact, it seems that if you hear Josh Mandel saying anything it may just be saver to believe the opposite of whatever he is talking about.