2010 Josh Mandel seemed to be very concerned about the quality of individuals working in then Treasurer Kevin Boyce’s office. In fact, some might even say 2010 Josh Mandel made this the top issue of his campaign against Kevin Boyce.

Repeatedly, Mandel made claims that Boyce hired individuals  that were unqualified to be serving in the Treasurer’s office and were a risk to the assets that the office oversees. Mandel also pledged to operate differently if elected to office.

Of course, don’t take my biased, liberal word on the matter. Just listen to Josh Mandel explain how serious he is about making sure the Treasurer’s office is staffed with qualified financial professionals.

Well, call me crazy, but I kind of agree with our overly ambitious Treasurer here: Cronyism is bad not matter what.

Which is odd because, one, I never agree with Josh Mandel, and, two, why did Mandel not follow his own advice? As we covered yesterday, reports have serviced that show how Mandel hired numerous campaign staff for high-ranking positions in his administrations. These young and inexperienced campaign staffers were selected to fill high-raking slots ranging from ‘Director of Debt Management’, ‘Senior Policy Aide’, to ‘Community Outreach’. Besides being awarded with political appointments these staffers were also given enormous wage increases, paid for by taxpayers. Salaries for these hires ranged from $55,000 a year to $100,000 a year.

Why then did Mandel tell the Dix Editorial Board in 2010 that cronyism is always bad but then populate his office with political stooges who were uniquely not qualified to fill those positions?

“You know regardless, cronyism is bad, and a hallmark of our campaign, one of the main messages we’ve had in our campaign is restoring character and integrity to the treasurer’s office.”

Josh, if I could offer some advice – next time you want to restore character and integrity to an elected office don’t start by hiring your political friends to high-ranking positions. And then don’t start paying them enormous sums to do their jobs.

As you said yourself, it sort of smells bad.