“So now all eyes are on the Supreme Court and whether five unelected right-wing judges will put politics and corporate profits above the health of the nation.”

 -Thom Hartmann

 On Monday, the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) began three days of hearings on healthcare reform. I attended a rally in support of the law at 10:00 am outside of the Rhodes State Office Tower, where our Attorney General Mike Dewine has his office. Here’s a photo of a few of the protesters, and my favorite sign, which read, “ACA = Americans Caring for Americans.”

Ohio is one of the 26 states involved with an attempt to say the individual mandate part of the ACA isn’t constitutional. Not every Republican Attorney General in the United States is challenging the constitutionality of the mandate, but Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine is walking in lockstep with the GOP in his crusade against health care reform. We protested outside of his office on Monday to show our displeasure.

Here’s the video I created, out of a small yet potent sampling of the information shared at the rally…

Why does the healthcare law include an individual mandate? Because without it, people who could afford to pay, might wait to buy insurance until they are ill or injured. That would mess up the entire system. The idea with health insurance is similar to the idea with taxes, we all pool our resources to increase our purchasing power. If everyone pays according to ability to pay, the system provides the greatest good for the greatest number and is fair.

The mandate isn’t going to be a big financial burden to anyone. To see whether and how it will affect you, click HERE.

Is the mandate constitutional? Absolutely.

Congress has the power, under the Commerce Clause, to regulate insurance, and so to mandate that insurers cover people with preexisting medical conditions. (The brief does not dispute this.) Under the Necessary and Proper Clause, it may choose any convenient means to carry out this end. The mandate is clearly helpful, and may even be absolutely necessary, to Congress’s purpose. Therefore it is constitutional. Full stop.”

~ Andrew Koppelman, Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University

While we struggle to create a health system that will provide more basic care to more people, America’s 1% are installing full-fledged emergency rooms right in their homes. The company that installs these emergency rooms charges up to $1 million per installation. For another $6,000 to $12,000 per month, the company offers clients immediate, anytime teleconferencing access to top-notch private physicians. I wonder how many of these people are insurance company CEOs who have been making a killing by increasingly charging people more money for less and less care.

 “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.”

~ John F. Kennedy, inaugural address, January 20, 1961

Today is the last day of the SCOTUS hearings. Twenty- eight GOP-led states are brining separate lawsuits to say the new law’s expansion of Medicaid unconstitutionally “coerces” state governments. The GOP simply don’t want to raise taxes on high incomes and corporate profits and use estate taxes to fund expanding basic healthcare services. They don’t want to do that simple thing in order to give many millions of unemployed and working poor Americans healthcare. They hate progressive taxation so much they’d rather let people suffer and die than do it. So they’ve taken their case to the SCOTUS, and now five RW judges are going to decide if they will severely limit the ability of the federal government to protect people. This decision will have broad implications beyond just this case.

The Affordable Care Act is about taking some power away from Insurance Companies and putting it back into the hands of everyday people like you and me. That’s why the GOP is against it. The Affordable Care Act is about expanding care to the unemployed and the working poor and putting states in a position where they need to generate revenue through progressive taxation. That’s why the GOP is against it.

I wish the GOP would just sit down and let us finish the grown up task of trying to expand care to 30 million previously uninsured Americans.

A ruling is expected from the Supreme Court by late June.






Story by Lauren Michelle Kinsey


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  • seditious

    Conservatives on Supreme Court are political hacks. Obama coulda avoided all this by delivering us a public option. Remember he went to Cleveland to pressure Kucinich but never went to Blue Dog or Republican districts to pressure for  a public option.

  • JamesIam

    The ACA is dead in the water. Do you really think these 5 conservative judges are not going to take the opportunity to jack-slap Obama, who publicly scolded them over Citizens United in his State of the Union address?

    Look for yet another 5-4 decision that will profoundly reverse the course of US history, e.g. Bush v. Gore (think of what that decision wrought), e.g. Citizens United (maybe worse).

    History will hopefully focus on the insider-cronyism that led to this decision: Thomas whose wife publicly lobbies against ACA; Scalia openly palling around with the very attorneys standing in front of him this week trying to overturn ACA. Asked to recuse themselves, both replied: “Trust me. It’s all good …”

    But since when does the vindication of a history book amount to any sort of victory?

    The question is: Will this catastrophic June decision rally the millions of families who will lose coverage for their college-age kids? The millions who will again be denied coverage because they have pre-existing conditions?

    It would be pretty to think so. But probably not, considering many of those millions, according to polls, think the ACA is stomping on their “liberty.”

  • JamesIam

     But he wants to make Scalia eat his broccoli! That’s like, SO unconstitutional. 🙂

    SCOTUS broccoli allusions on Day One: 8

    This is the highest court in the land: the revered, lifelong protectors of our constitutional republic.

    Broccoli Sinks the ACA.

    Maybe Scalia should grill it. It’s really good on the grill.

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