Considering Josh Mandel’s complete and well-documented absence from his current job as Treasurer, it seems pretty ballsy for the guy to suddenly feel qualified to promote himself as the ‘jobs’ candidate. But it looks like that’s his plan.

As part of his plan, Mandel seems to have decided that his campaign website wasn’t “jobsy” enough for his new found moniker – so he’s now redirecting all traffic from to

The is, however, one big problem with the rebranding effort, and if you go to the “Jobs” section of the website it will become pretty clear. Considering the guy is trying to rebrand himself as the jobs guy, you think he’d actually have some bold new plan to propose – or at least some experience to discuss. But he has neither.

Instead you find a pretty meager description of his jobs policy which is nothing more than two sentences of random, non-specific buzz words aimed at no one in particular: “common sense tax reforms”, “repeal of government-run healthcare”, “elimination of over burdensome agency regulations”.

The whole jobs rebranding seems especially ironic in light of the very public spanking the Plain Dealer gave Mandel over his lies about Senator Brown’s record on jobs.

The PD’s PolitiFact website recently gave Josh a Pants on Fire rating for claiming Sherrod Brown sent Ohio jobs to China.

When asked in a
recent Plain Dealer interview “to identify a single Ohio job that went to China because of a decisive vote by Brown” Mandel couldn’t answer, and instead told the Plain Dealer reporters it was their job to “do the grunt work”.

When informed that they had already performed the grunt work and proved he was lying, “Mandel vowed to repeat the assertion ‘again and again'” despite the fact that it is completely and utterly not true.

Mandel’s attacks should not be surprsing. He has no record of his own to run on, especially on the jobs front. Mandel opposed the auto bailout despite the fact that 850,000 Ohio jobs could likely have been impacted if the automakers failed.

And Mandel refuses to support Brown’s bill to crack down on China’s unfair currency manipulation – a practice that actually does cost Ohioians jobs. (Note: Senator Portman does support it).

I know Mandel thinks if he raises enough money to rebrand his website and run a few ads calling himself “Jobs” Mandel he will change enough minds to win a Senate seat this fall. But Ohioans aren’t stupid. Mandel may swing a few right-leaning independents with his fancy ads and his lies, but the bulk of Ohioans know who has really been out fighting for them while Mandel has been flying to Florida or the Bahamas to raise money for his campaign.

Josh Mandel has shown that he has little interest in performing, let alone showing up for work at his current job. Claiming to be the jobs guy when you can’t even bother to show up for work comes across as pretty damn disrespectful for all the hard working Ohioans who DO show up at their job every day – and even more so for those who are unemployed or underemployed and out hunting for work.

If Treasurer Mandel really wants to show people he’s concerned for their jobs, he might start by not ignoring his.