Our “friends” at Americans for Prosperity (AFP) are going to be in town tomorrow (Tuesday, March 27th, 2012) and they are going to be holding an invitation only “rally”.

For those unfamiliar with AFP: they are a Koch-funded and founded organization focused on getting Republicans elected and opposing, usually with deceptive astroturfing tactics, any and every Progressive cause – especially things related to President Obama. They supported Senate Bill 5 in Ohio. They support John Kasich and other Ohio Republicans. And one of their current targets in the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare”.

According to the press release, AFP “will be hosting an exclusive satellite Hands off My Health Care Rally TOMORROW, March 27th, at 11:00 AM at the Columbus Renaissance Hotel.”

It’s not unusual for events to be held at The Renaissance Hotel in Columbus. I remember watching CNN call Ohio for Barack Obama at the ODP election night party in the hotel’s ballroom.

But this AFP event is different. While the theme of the event is “Hands off My Health Care”, it’s important to note that the hotel is only a block from the Ohio Statehouse where Republican legislators have introduced more anti-women’s choice bills “in the first half of this session than we’ve seen in the last three General Assemblies.”

I can imagine AFP’s leaders will not see the irony in their choice of locations.

In stark contrast to President Obama’s health care initiatives, which are aimed at expanding health care coverage and options for all Americans, Ohio’s Republicans have been hard at work at the Ohio Statehouse attempting to use the legislature to interfere with women’s health care choices – choices that SHOULD be between and women and her doctor.

The AFP “Hands off My Health Care” rally is, without a doubt, one of the most insincere and ridiculously named protest rallies I’ve ever seen. And the Columbus rally’s proximity to the Statehouse only adds to the absurdity of the name.

Ohio’s Republican-controlled legislature, and other similarly-partisan legislatures around the country, have spent the past year and a half trying to restrict access to health care, force women to have unnecessary and invasive procedures like transvaginal ultrasounds, all while trying to ban funding for widely-used women’s health services at Planned Parenthood.

If ANYONE should be holding a Hands Off My Health Care rally, it’s Ohioans angry about the attack on women’s health care from our Republican-controlled legislature.

FYI: The invite says it’s an “exclusive” event, but if you want to go, you just need to register here.