From the daily archives: Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two reporters from today’s Dayton Daily News allege that cheating on standardized tests is rampant in Ohio and the Ohio Department of Education is willfully ignoring the evidence.  That evidence being an unscientific model that they were given by reporters from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who are on a quest to prove that the massive scandal in Atlanta wasn’t an isolated case.

Instead, they have embroiled schools nationwide in another witch hunt using methods reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials where the guilty can never prove their innocence.

Such as the following method used to convict “warlock” George Burroughs in 1692:


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Last week, the Kasich administration quietly introduced a five-fold tax increase on the disposal of chemical-laced fracking wastewater from other states. Disposal of Ohio brine will cost ten times less. Such a move clearly violates the US Constitution’s restrictions on Interstate commerce, something Kasich has in the past acknowledged.

Let’s recap: ODNR recently confirmed that injection of chemical-laced wastewater from hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) was responsible for a series of earthquakes near Youngstown:

“a number of coincidental circumstances appear to make a compelling argument for the recent Youngstown-area seismic events to have been induced.” – Ohio Department of Natural Resources, […]

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