From the daily archives: Saturday, March 24, 2012

Regardless of how you feel about the Tea Party and their ballot initiatives in Ohio, you have to give them credit for persistence and, at least last year, their success.

I wrote extensively about last year’s “Healthcare Freedom” amendment (aka Issue 3) – the anti-“Obamacare” amendment that Chris Littleton and the Ohio Liberty Council not only got on the ballot, but succeeded in passing. I honestly never thought they’d get enough signatures to get it on the ballot. And when they did, I never thought they’d get the votes to get it passed. I was wrong in both cases.

I […]

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On Thursday, Governor Kasich introduced the education version of his “budget reform” bill via Senator Peggy Lehner. ¬†As had been anticipated, Kasich is rolling out his mid-biennium budget revisions in multiple bills in the hopes that by dividing the legislation across different committees he has a chance of getting them passed by the General Assembly before Memorial Day when it is expected that the House of Representatives will adjourn in order to campaign for the November election.

The full text is 521 pages long, though as with the other sweeping legislation a great deal of the pages are taken up […]

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