A week ago we wrote about big cuts being proposed to Ohio’s National Guard bases and a letter related to the cuts that Kasich’s chief of staff seems to have lost. When asked about the letter, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said: “the draft letter opposing the Guard cuts was sent to Kasich’s chief of staff … But ‘it got buried in her stuff’.”

So we asked our readers: What other important documents are buried in Governor’s Office “stuff”?

We proposed a few like: Receipts showing true cost of security at Kasich’s home and The prepared text of Kasich’s State of the State speech.

But we got some pretty damn good answers from our readers as well:

  • “The memo from his press secretary telling him to limit his off the cuff remarks.”

  • “Common sense…”

  • “the phone number for FEMA”

  • “Copies of the ALEC model bills that are cut and pasted onto Ohio legislature letter head.”

  • “Emails from Kasich to the Koch Bros asking “What do you want me to do next?”…..the reply “You have wasted enough of our money and failed to bust the unions like we told you to. Now go stand in a corner Johnny, we have no more use for you”

  • “A school funding plan!”

All great answers! But my personal favorite was submitted by Michael Schmitz on Facebook:

“The Ohio Constitution!”

As Michael keenly observes, Kasich and his team really could have used a copy of the Ohio Constitution before they made Mark Kvamme’s unconstitutional appointment. Or EPA Director Scott Nally’s appointment. Or before they introduced the original JobsOhio legislation which had to be changed because at least 6 parts were blatantly unconstitutional.

Michael, obviously, has been paying attention. And his answer wins him some free Plunderbund “stuff”.