From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We have previously documented how Kasich’s budget has put the squeeze on local government – and especially on public safety and law enforcement.

Sycamore Township in Southwest Ohio has come up with a novel idea – privatize public safety.

Township trustees are considering the unique step of using a private firm to provide fire and EMS services.  According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, this is directly due to a $3.6 million decrease in funding from the local government fund.

We especially liked this quote from the news reports:  “‘This fire department has saved my father’s life twice,’ said Greg […]

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For a Governor and political party that professes to want a smaller government, Ohio’s Republicans sure seem to like laws that impose greater government control over our personal lives.

One latest example that doesn’t involve a uterus is Governor Kasich’s proposal to implement a “guarantee” that all children are proficient readers before being allowed to move on to the 4th grade.  His explanation is that students who aren’t able to pass the third grade reading test are less likely to graduate from high school and should therefore be held back for (at least) a year.

In fact, Kasich […]

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The first Board of Deposits meeting Josh Mandel has attended since being elected Treasurer ended up being a newsworthy event. Not because Mandel finally decided to do his job, it was because of the actions he took during the meeting.

Mandel announced yesterday that he had formally replaced two banks charged with fraud that were contracted to manage $41 billion of international assets held by Ohio’s four largest public pension systems. According to the Dayton Daily News, the banks Mandel is replacing have bilked the State of Ohio out of $16 million dollars already. The Board moved to transfer […]

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A week ago we wrote about big cuts being proposed to Ohio’s National Guard bases and a letter related to the cuts that Kasich’s chief of staff seems to have lost. When asked about the letter, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said: “the draft letter opposing the Guard cuts was sent to Kasich’s chief of staff … But ‘it got buried in her stuff’.”

So we asked our readers: What other important documents are buried in Governor’s Office “stuff”?

We proposed a few like: Receipts showing true cost of security at Kasich’s home and The prepared text of Kasich’s State […]

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