Back in 2010, Jim Renacci, like a lot of challengers, made a big deal about running against Washington. In a TV ad (see below) that aired during October he claimed “Those guys in Washington will do anything to stay in power. John Boccieri and his lobbyist friends make personal attacks on me every day.”

Flash forward a year and a half and guess which Washington insider is now wining, dining and charter-boat fishing with rich lobbyists?

According to an investigation by CBS News, Renacci and 11 other freshman Republican Congressmen joined lobbyists – who paid $10,000 a piece to attend – at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fla. for a weekend of golf, fishing and drinking.

Renacci and Betty Sutton, both incumbent members of Congress, are running head-to-head in the newly gerrymandered Ohio 16th.


Here’s the investigation video…Here’s the TV ad…