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The lie of the moment coming from the reckless right is that new CBO estimates say the Affordable Care Act will cost more than expected, and contribute to the deficit. Here’s Ohio Senator Rob Portman doing his bit to pass the confusion along to low information voters…


What folks like Senator Portman didn’t notice or didn’t choose to acknowledge is the CBO’s warning that this analysis does “not encompass all of the budgetary impacts of the ACA because that legislation has many other provisions, including some that will cause significant reductions in Medicare spending and others that will generate added tax revenues.”

The new CBO numbers are just a look at “the insurance coverage provisions” of the Affordable Care Act. That is to say, it’s a look at the spending side of the bill. So it doesn’t include the Medicare cuts (that don’t cut into Medicare benefits) or many of the tax increases, that pay for the legislation.

It’s like reading only the “outlays” side of the budget and ignoring the “revenues” part. Of course that would make the deficit look huge.  ~Ezra Klein

According to Ezra, some of the confusion, or “confusion” is coming from the fact that this estimate is looking at a different timeframe than the original estimates.

The costs and the savings increase over time, with the savings increasing more than the costs.

The Congressional Budget Office has previously estimated that the ACA will, on net, reduce budget deficits over the 2012–2021 period; that estimate of the overall budgetary impact of the ACA has not been updated.

Thank you, Ezra Klein for your excellent article explaining all of this.

Rob Portman says this will mean higher fees for Americans. Removing co-pays on preventative care is actually a reduction in fees for Americans. For the people who, before the ACA,  couldn’t get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, this legislation is priceless. Life or death priceless. I’d like to see Rob Portman put a price on what it’s worth to Americans to know that our health insurance will never run out on us, the way it used to before the ACA when the insurance companies could put lifetime caps on our coverage. I’d like to see him look a mother in the eye and tell her that the fact that the ACA allows her child to stay on her health insurance until that child is 26, is something he’d like to take away.

I’d like to see Rob Portman look this woman in the eyes and listen to her story about her grandson…

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  • Troysteelerfan

    Once again – why would the GOP worry about something like “FACTS”…..they have never let the facts get in their way so why would any GOP politician worry about it now…

  • JamesIam

    What has Rob Portman EVER really been but a mouthpiece for his party? I’m certain he has no idea how any of this actually works. He’s too busy sporting hardhats and his 1980s Wranglers for photo-ops with Mitt Romney. He is a career politician with just enough intelligence to schmooze, and schmooze well. Your Facebook response to his propaganda is fantastic, BTW. I can’t believe it’s still there.  

  • Audio7

    The good senator seems to be auditioning for his next job as an account analyst with Goldman. With his understanding of numbers, he’ll fit right in.

  • Ever since the Republicans turned into the Tea Party,  they have just been mouthpieces. Logic means nothing to them.

  • Mr. Baseball

    Obamacare is built on the president’s oft-state promise that ” you can keep your insurance if you like it.” There is no guarantee of that.  It’s true that your employer has the option of not changing your benefits- unless he opts out and pays the fine associated which, in many cases, is a wash when you consider that the employer will save time and money when he no longer spends time dealing with your health benefits. 

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