Today, Twitter is abuzz with the story of a Massachusetts urologist offering free pizza to men who get a vasectomy during March Madness.

It must be awesome to be a guy. If you want to have all the sex you want, free of the icky consequences of procreation, not only does birth control come without any stigma, it also comes with free pizza!

It sure isn’t that way if you’re a lady. First you get called a slut and told to put an aspirin between your knees by rich old dudes. Next thing you know, state legislators (more old dudes) propose laws to restrict access to IUDs, and to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood.

As long as we’re having this national debate about the relative chastity of people who use birth control, let’s not forget the guys. Where is the legislation to limit access to vasectomies and funding for urologists? Why is George Clooney America’s favorite bachelor, while law student Sandra Fluke is an out of control slut?

It’s pretty clear, folks. There is a double-standard at work. So, just to make it easier to spot them in the wild, here is how you can recognize users of birth control of various genders: