Remember that time we asked where in the world Josh Mandel was? Well, we can add another destination to the list –  according to the Plain Dealer last Friday Mandel flew to the Bahamas for a fundraiser and to address the pay day lending industry.

That’s the same pay day lending industry that not that long ago was attacked for charging interest rates as high as 391 percent that cause their clients to fall into a cycle of never ending debt.

Payday lenders typically provide loans for people who need cash before their paychecks arrive and cannot get or wait for traditional credit. Payday lenders say they provide a valuable service for some of the neediest Americans. Critics say their tactics and fees are predatory, assuring that customers wind up with deeper debt and much higher interest than borrowers ever envisioned.

Shilling for the payday industry is nothing new to Mandel though. According to the PD article Mandel took $4,500 from Advance America Cash Advance Centers, a payday lender based in South Carolina, and $5,000 from CheckSmart, a Columbus area payday lender.

Just let this sink in for a moment. This is the man we elected to be our State Treasurer who can’t find time in his busy schedule to attend a single Board of Deposits meeting since taking office. A meeting that is held, literally, blocks away from his office.  He can’t find time to make it to that meeting but he can find time to fly to the Bahamas on a Friday in March? Not only to fly to the Bahamas but to raise money from, how do I say this politely, a bunch of loan sharks.

It was clear from day one, and it is even clearer now, that Mandel has zero interest in doing the job Ohioans elected him to do. He can’t find time to attend Board of Deposits meetings where billions of dollars of Ohio’s assets are discussed but he has time to fly to another country to raise money for his Senate campaign.

It’s like he is the real life version of political fat cat – he’s uses his political position to reach his own goals without ever even attempting to serve the people who elected him. He will do anything to pursue his next position but won’t lift a finger to do the job he was elected to do.